Young Thari Woman’s Tribute To Malala

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Mehnaz Qasimani, who considers Malala a role-model for girls striving for their fundamental rights, drew a sketch when she learnt that Malala has graduated from Oxford  

By Sanjay Mathrani

When a young Thari woman Mehnaz Qasimani learnt that MalalaYousafzai, the 22-year Pakistani activist and youngest recipient ever of a Nobel Peace Prize, graduated from Oxford University, she paid great tribute to her for achievement by drawing a sketch.

Mehnaz’s sketch went viral on social media when a Tharparkar based local NGO Thar Education Alliance’s social media team shared her video while she was drawing the sketch of the Malala who was shot by the Taliban for daring to spread education among the girls in her area.

Mehnaz, a married woman from Chelhar, a small town of Tharparkar, told that Malala is ideal for many including her.

In 2013 Malala was named one of TIME magazine’s most influential people and was first nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. The same year, she won the European Parliament’s Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought and her autobiography “I Am Malala” released.

“Malala is role model for us as she stood up not only for herself, for her education but for fundamental rights when confronted by a fearsome terrorist group,” she said.

Malala has created a chain reaction all around the world, bringing change, light, and hope to girls across all continents. “I really felt proud when I decided to draw her sketch on paper, and you know when my mom entered my room and learnt about that sketch, she too became emotional.”

“I can proudly say that it may sound corny, but it is true,” Mehnaz said adding: “I believe that Malala has changed the lives of many girls, she has motivated lots of people by her wisdom, and I hope that through such kind of activism we can bring about positive changes in the field of education in Sindh,” Mehnaz said.


Sanjay Sanjay Mathrani is a freelance journalist

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