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Transgender community always remains neglected during emergency situations

Let’s change inappropriate behavior and provide a favorable environment to transgender community – Training Session From Correspondent Nawabshah, Sindh NDF…

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Struggle for Equality: Can May Day Build a Classless Society?

The promises have not resulted in any significant change in the condition of laborers and the gap between the owners…

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New UK law curtails key civil and political rights

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights calls the Public Order Bill deeply troubling legislation New York A new UK law…

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Gender-X: Issues and Options

Despite legislation, a practical approach to award the due rights to the transgender community seems to be far away Prof.…

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Maulana Azad Always Stressed on Humanity – A Lesson We Need Now More Than Ever

Maulana Azad was declared the most dangerous Indian by the colonial administration for his ‘seditious’ writings S. Irfan Habib Maulana…

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Aboriginal Australians suffer from ‘violent history’ and ongoing ‘institutional racism’

There is still a lot of racism in the media and in society. We face serious human rights issues –…

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Forced Conversion in Sindh: Would there be an end to woes of Hindu Community?

In recent years, there has been a rise in the number of conversion cases; recent case of Suman (renamed Kainat)…

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Police Officers imparted training on Human Rights Laws

There is a huge lack of human rights propagation, correct knowledge and awareness in the society One-day training workshop on…

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Murder of Dr. Ajmal: Law and Human Rights Rest in Peace

Feudal system is deeply rooted in Sindh and has devoured its masses Shoukat Lohar The brutal murder of Dr. Ajmal…

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Transgender community was neglected during floods

Data of the transgender community should be collected and given special attention in emergency situations – Dialogue held on rights…

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