How India’s caste system limits diversity in science

Diversity gaps are common in science in many countries but they take different forms in each nation. The situation in…

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How India’s caste system keeps Dalits from accessing disaster relief

Many of the 280 million Dalits that form 20 percent of India’s population today still live on the fringes of…

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Residential Segregation in Mithi and Karachi

The structure of Mithi Town, in Tharparkar, is built around caste neighborhoods, and even today no family that belongs to…

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It is time to talk about caste in Pakistan and Pakistani diaspora

Concerns raised by Dalit and anti-caste thinkers from Pakistan often remain ignored and outright dismissed, especially by caste and class…

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Dalits’ Dreams Deferring – A Poem from Nepal

The statue they craft is put inside the temple, but they are stopped at entrance, forbidden to worship!   Dalits’…

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Sindhis are not a caste-free society

Many scholars and writers feel that Sindhi society is a relatively caste free society. For Indian Sindhis and the Sindhi…

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Aryan invaders imposed caste system in Indian subcontinent

The Aryans that invaded the Indo-Pak Subcontinent had the fear that if no action was taken, they being in minority…

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