Observations of an expat- Pakistan - Next to Recognize Israel

Observations of an Expat: Pakistan – Next to Recognize Israel?

Will Pakistan be the next Islamic country to recognize Israel? If it does it will not be so much a feather in the Israeli-American cap as a full-sized Native American war bonnet. Only Saudi recognition would beat it as a diplomatic coup. But is the rumour likely to become a reality? Diplomats say that such […]

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Middle East Politics

Middle East Politics: The Prince and the Paupers!

Middle East Politics. Cartoon Courtesy: The Iran Project Although many anticipate Saudi Arabia will be the last Arab country to normalize ties with Israel, Prince Mohammed has a record of bucking expectations. Two advisers close to the crown prince said he wants to reach a deal with Israel but knows it is nearly impossible as […]

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Saudi authorities fine 16 violators SR160000 for entering holy sites without permits

Mecca: Sixteen people have been caught and fined SR10,000 ($2,666) each over the past week for violating a ban on entry into the holy sites without permits, according to the Saudi Public Security spokesman. Haj pilgrims are obliged to self-quarantine before heading to the holy sites, the Saudi Press Agency reported, as part of new […]

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Saudi Arabia: Indian, Pakistani gang of thieves arrested

Police said the 12 thieves used to store the loot in a warehouse; they had committed 48 thefts   Riyadh:  Saudi police have arrested a gang of 12 expatriates of Indian and Pakistani origin for allegedly committing 48 thefts, assistant media spokesman for the Riyadh Police, Major Khaled Al Kreidis, said. The accused were allegedly […]

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