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5-Day ArtFest Karachi Kicks Off

5-Day ArtFest Karachi kicks off - Sindh Courier-1Art exhibition features the works of more than 100 senior and young emerging artists

Art has received meager attention in recent literary festivals – Curator Waheeda Baloch

Karachi: Five-day Art Exhibition titled “ArtFest Karachi” kicked off on Wednesday at Sambara Art Gallery, an art space recently established by the Sindh Culture Department, located in front of the Liaquat Memorial Library Karachi.

Curated by the renowned artist, art-performer and curator Waheeda Baloch, the ArtFest features the works of Meher Afroz, Ab Jabbar Gul, Manizhe Ali, Shaukat Ali, Amjad Talpur, A. Malik Channa, Safdar Ali Shah, Nizam Dahri, Romila Kareem, Akbar Ali and other more than 100 young emerging artists.

5-Day ArtFest Karachi kicks off - Sindh Courier-2MPA Ms. Faryal Talpur inaugurated the exhibition and expressed her pleasure while looking at different art pieces. She was impressed by the works of young artists who have depicted their view of different socio-cultural settings, especially their mental condition during the Covid-19.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister for Culture, Tourism and Antiquities Syed Sardar Ali Shah said that Sindh government is an all-time supporter for the cultural and literary activities, and has always provided all possible facilities to the artist community.

5-Day ArtFest Karachi kicks off - Sindh Courier-35-Day ArtFest Karachi kicks off - Sindh Courier-4He said that visual art is the medium of expression through colors. “Art is not just the random lines and colors, but the thought behind it that makes it so moving and impressive,” Sardar Shah said.

Curator Waheeda Baloch said in her curatorial statement that Sindh is a region rich in art, culture and heritage. She said that not only the talented craftsmen, but this land has also produced genius writers, poets and artists.

“The shreds of evidence of vast culture are pretty visible from the ancient excavated treasures of Mohenjo Daro”, said Waheeda Baloch.

5-Day ArtFest Karachi kicks off - Sindh Courier-55-Day ArtFest Karachi kicks off - Sindh Courier-She said that art has received meager attention in the recent literary festivals.

Waheeda said that ArtFest Karachi is the initiative of the Culture Department to celebrate all the creative individuals of Sindh. It proudly brings forward the senior artists and an open chance for the youth to participate in the exhibition and art discussions. It is a platform for learning and sharing experiences.

5-Day ArtFest Karachi kicks off - Sindh Courier-85-Day ArtFest Karachi kicks off - Sindh Courier-11Director General Culture Abdul Aleem Lashari said that ArtFest Karachi aims to set a new trend on the local level to promote the artists community. Senior, mid-career and emerging artists are showcased to inspire the public. The event would continue till 28 March 2021 wherein different panel discussions apart from the art exhibition would be held, and senior artists like Meher Afroz, Nilofur Farrukh, Fawzia Naqvi, Amin Gulgee and others will share their experiences.


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