561 Uzbek women married to foreigners during 9 months of 2022

The total number of international marriages in 9 months is 1,031 that include 433 men who married to foreign women.

Uzbek women preferred Turkish husbands while the men opted for Russian women    


As many as 1031 people of Uzbekistan, including 561 women, married to foreigners during first nine months of current year.

Most of the Uzbek women who married foreign men in the first nine months of 2022 opted for Turkish citizens while most of the Uzbek men who took foreign wives preferred Russian women.

The State Statistics Committee of Uzbekistan said that 1,031 marriages between Uzbeks and foreigners were registered in January – September, reported.

In 561 cases, the husband was a foreigner and in 433 the wife was not Uzbek.

In 37 cases, both the husband and the wife were not from Uzbekistan, but got married in the Central Asian country.

Turkish husbands lead with 257 cases and Russian wives with 208 cases.

Tashkent topped the list of international marriages with 462 cases, followed by Samarkand with 132 and Fergana with 112.

Uzbekistan has a population of 35 million people.


Courtesy: The AsiaN

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