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A day without talking each other – Bouquet of Poems from Vietnam

Tran Mai Huong, an eminent poetess from Vietnam, the land of Blue Dragon, shares her six poems

Tran Mai Huong

poet Mai Huong from VietnamHailing from Trung Tu, Ung Hoa, Hanoi, Viet Nam, she is member of Vietnamese Writers’ Association and Ho Chi Minh City Writers’ Association. Her published eight poetry collections are: Thirst wave, 2009; That’s me, 2010; Fragrant waves, 2012; Night reverse, 2014; Love poetry of Hue Trieu – Tran Mai Huong, 2016; Six-eight poetry of three girls, 2019; Sad branch blooms, Mien Truong – Mai Huong, 2019 and  Romance pleasure with words, 2020.

A day without talking each other

A day without talking each other

It’s a discouraging day

Where are you

Behind the silence, there is my falling nostalgia

Don’t play persistent joke with me –

The lady has a crispy heart as broken sunshine

I rotate the pride around

Touching into the vastness to find the old trace

Driving myself many times suffocating you


Drifting afternoon

Exposing each strip of gray sunset

I sprinkle on the afternoon each sweet rainbow color

Kissing myself on the angry eyes


Just keep it be

Just be silent tenderly like that

Just keep that I miss you

Just keep me alone

Let be the poetry crazy calling the words


The confession

Can’t stay calm

In front of Da Lat and pine

Chasing to me – the wind

Just tie exhausted each other


How can stay calm

Look, your eyes are on fire

Alluvium drifting across the mountain

A gem like lip color


It seems like poison

You impregnate into the color of flowers

Tithonia diversifolia is marinated in the sun

Hiding in you honestly


I climb to the top of nostalgia

Transforming into a meteor

Gathering the broken pieces of night

Embracing the instability


Can’t stay calm

In front of the strange forest with fresh clouds

Infatuating in the grasslands

The smell of the real world invites.


To dear Hai Phong

Just stay red as my love as very delonix regia

Dear Hai Phong, already stuck with each other

The Cam River opens the horizon longing for

On the Rao Bridge, who awaken to miss its color?


Just pour into that reedy passion

The clumsiness of early pistils when was just dreamed

Keep to hide causeless angers

A love season that is ripening – I wait for…


To you

In the very deep in your silence

Adventures in fire


In the very deep my indifference

The love season still sucks the nostalgia


Lots of sweet and fragrance of the past

Weaving the multi rainbow colors


As long as you understand enough

I have had excess storms.


hoi-an-2140906_1280To face the night

Many times, I intended to pick up the phone

Swiping to a message

About pressing the call key

Again hesitating very much


Since I’m indebted to a name

I often face the night

Putting the drifting time

Storing in the memory

Immersing in your waves

Finding myself in struggling


To write for the next lover

Thank you for waiting patiently

When God leaving its throne

When my heart falling down

Still caring and gently lifting


There are some days that longer than a hundred years

I cry and laugh bewildered because of others

Incubating the sadness in teary eyes

Compassionating the love that just got lost in the far horizon


My luggage

Full of women feelings

Exiling myself in the word soul

Can’t close up the human love

Can’t close up the door

So still expecting 

And waiting for you


Thank you

The tolerant man

Dared to love all the poems I wrote

For the old lover

But my heart – the desert

Are you sure you’re a meadow?


(Translated into English by Hanoi Female translators)

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