A Loaf – A Poem on Tragic Death of a Poor

Poet Allah Obhayo Dal shares his poem about death of a poor man who lost his life in a recent incident of stampede in Mirpurkhas, Sindh

Allah Obhayo Dal

AllahObhayoDal- SindhCourierHailing from Khipro town, District Sanghar, Sindh, Pakistan, Allah Obhayo Dal has done Masters in sociology from University of Sindh and currently is doing a government job in Karachi. Around 100 of his poems have been published online.



A loaf

In a long queue at the roadside,

An old man adorned with a wrinkled face,

Waiting for his turn to buy some subsidized flour from the stall,

He came after he sold his wife’s silver bangles,

She hid in her old iron box,

Suddenly a truck appears from the opposite,

A strange smile on his face,

Hawkers shouted,

Be careful,

Be calm

Was told the price of flour was 5 kg per 800 rupees,

The old man recounted his money,

He has a total of 950 rupees

He smiled again to see extra 150 rupees, and the hawkers started to sell

Then the huge crowd became uncontrollable

The man fell down,

There was a stampede, he got trampled upon by the crowd,

His money was in his fist,

His eyes remained open,

And he gave up the ghost.

His blood spilled all over.

Selling the wheat flour in Karachi- Sindh Courier
As the wheat flour prices have shot up in open market in Sindh province of Pakistan, the government, instead of taking action against profiteers, has started selling the wheat flour at subsidized rates in different cities and towns through its food department. This photo, released by Sindh Information Department, shows long queues of buyers in Karachi South District at a selling point. A poor man had lost his life in Mirpurkhas city at one of such selling points of subsidized wheat flour.


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