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A Point of Departure – A Poem from Nepal

Krishna Prasad Acharya, a poet from Nepal, the Himalayan country, shares his poem

Krishna Prasad Acharya - Nepal- Sindh CourierKrishna Prasad Acharya

Krishna Prasad Acharya is a Nepalese poet who holds M. Phil in English from Tribhuwan University. Based in Khanchikot- Arghakhachi, Nepal, he is an educator.


A Point of Departure

Whether you believe or not,

You are not what I am,

And I am not what you are.


You cannot mix water with oil –

Even though you may consistently

Pour them into the same glass pitcher –

Oil remains oil and water remains water.


Do not try to mix me with you,

I am neither oil nor water, 

I am a man seeking a point of departure.


Departure you may have seen and understood,

But a point of it has to be acknowledged,

Before generalizing for your judgments.


The Cynics and the Stoics may call me arrogant or mad,

But I see no relevance of confirming

To their dogmatism,

Bearing the brunt of injustice and exploitation.


I am on a mission,

Always on a mission,

To make a point of departure

From the boiling cauldron of inhumanity,

Immorality and injustice,

To the world of serenity and solitude,

Where humanity, morality, and justice

Equal for all reign supreme.


I cannot force you to understand me,

Neither do I need your acknowledgement,

For you want to perish in the world

Of domination, exploitation and injustice,

Suppressing human values mercilessly.


Selfishness is your motto,

Capitalism your platform,

And therefore, hurling your

Selfish capitalistic ladders at you,

I declare my point of departure.


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