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A song of late night – Bouquet of Poems from Vietnam

Vu Thanh Hoa, an eminent poetess of Vietnam, the Land of Blue Dragon, shares her six poems.


Vu Thanh Hoa

poetess Vu Thanh Hoa from Vietnam - Sindh CourierVu Thanh Hoa, born in 1969 in Hanoi, Vietnam, is a renowned poet and short story writer. Her published books include ‘The pain of leaves’ (Poetry -2006), ‘There is another woman in me’ (Poetry- 2009), ‘The one who can see the soul’ (Collection of stories -2011), ‘A proposal of last night’ (Poetry – 2012), and ‘Six-eight poetry’ (Poetry -2015). Her new poetry and story book is coming soon. She received Award of Green Age literature work of Tien Phong newspaper in 1993; Award of New World Magazine’s Best Short Story in 1993; Award of Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province’s Arts and Culture in the years 2000-2005, 2004-2009; First prize for the best short story on the 2007; Award of good poetry Nguyen Tieu 2021 of Ho Chi Minh City Writers’ Association and Poetry Prize “Humanism in the Southern Land” in 2021 of Ho Chi Minh City Writers’ Association.

A song of late night

If it cannot bring the joy

Offer each other a sadness


A waving magical coffee drop

Water by the lake wets with sparkling moon eyes

At the end of the horizon the birds flap their wings at late night

Lonely resounded


Sleep, soft grass

Sleep, drifting cloud

A singing lonely grylloidea

Round-trip wandering memories


There’s an unknowable tomorrow

There’s a just forgot yesterday

And my name is lost

A train hasn’t left but missed the trip


If it can bring the joy

Offer each other a sadness

Dear you?


A proposal of last night

In the dream last night

I proposed


A perfect person

A soul mate

A tolerant person

An honest person

A person with a disability


I closed the wave door

Snuggled into the peaceful blanket

Laid down on the default pillow

The right hand held the left hand

Solo performance of my journey


In the dream last night

I proposed to me


I made a ring

Put it on my finger

I said “I agreed”


I knew

This marriage would be never divorced.


There is another woman in me

When I’m cold and indifferent

There is another woman in me

The woman is hotter than fire

Wanting to burn you


When I say bitter words

There is another woman in me

The weak fragile woman

Wanting to cry on your shoulder


When I say goodbye

There is another woman in me

The woman wants to hug you tight

Burying you in the sea of kissing rain


A signature

We go to court today

How many witnesses?

They are indifferent and silent

Admitting us… to break up


We sit on two sides of a table

But so far away

When will we meet

Between the two banks of separation


Holding an orphaned pen

I bit my lips to write carefully

That bitter signature

To be apart forever


That day was gone forever

We made a promise together

I also sat

Signed carefully my name in pairs


Cloud flying away from the sky

Sunshine covering at the end of summer

We fell in love quickly

Raining for a whole lifetime of loneliness…


Is there any space left for me?

Is there any space left for me?

Heaven is full of gods

Hell is full of ghosts

The earth is countless of living people

The figures around the dead end

Crashing each other, splashing pieces of souls

The pieces of souls suck the lonely sea




In the middle of the lost sphere

Bewildered verses

Lying straight on the worn rails

Wilted smiling lips

Putting on lipstick on old wrinkles

Pale tears

Empty hugs

Four corners of the platform are filled with masks

A train hasn’t left but missed the trip

Is there any space left for me?


Pretending to die

Falling into the night

Slipping into the night

A shadow pretending to die


Silence earth

Secret moving seeds

The sky is as clear as a mirror

A whisper from somewhere world

How can know

Who is crying?

Who is smiling?

Who pretends to be blind to be deaf?

The blind love and hate, round real and fake

Moon night moonless night

Tomorrow is shining anyway

Turn off the light


The dream is still awake

The darkness pretends to die

Everyone pretends to die

I pretend to die

My heart is still alive for loving you


(Translated from Vietnamese into English by Hanoi Female translators)



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