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The Making – A Poem from Nepal - Sindh Courier
Home Poetry The Making – A Poem from Nepal

The Making – A Poem from Nepal

The Making – A Poem from Nepal
Murals in Nepal - Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Sushant Thapa

Sushant Thapa - Nepal - Sindh CourierSushant Thapa is a poet from Biratnagar, Nepal who holds a Master’s degree in English literature from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. He has published three books of poetry namely: The Poetic Burden and Other Poems (New Delhi, 2020), Abstraction and Other Poems (UK, 2021) and Minutes of Merit (Kolkata, 2021). Sushant has been published in several national and international newspapers and magazines. His work has also appeared in national and International anthologies. One of his poems is included in the Paragon English book for Grade 6 students in Nepal. He teaches Business English to students of BBA and BIT at Nepal Business College, Biratnagar, Nepal.

The Making

A stone statue

Takes a lot to carve

It has its heart,

In the city full of dreams

That wakes in unfinished chapters.

Hope is the name of a flower

Even blooming in adversity.

The name keepers

Have their foundations

Inked with glory.

The history of commoners 

Is a fresh draft

Which the time has to publish.

The prayers for clouds to rain

Need no intention of floods. 

The earth needs its roots,

To bear the fruits of care.

In every nooks and alleys

In every walls painted in red

The lives of the city dwellers,

Find their stories,

Published by walls: the publishers of the poor.



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