A young man of Sindh invents Auto Artificial Insemination Gun

Sujawal-based Abdul Majeed Nohani has locally invented the AAI Gun, first ever in Pakistan, for livestock breeding.

The camera-fitted AAI Gun would be used for impregnating the female cattle as well as diagnose the diseases through live process of insemination.

The cost-effective AAI Gun would multiply the number of artificial insemination.  

Sindh Courier Report

Sujawal, Sindh

Abdul Majeed Nohani, a young man hailing from Sujawal town of Sindh, working as Stock Assistant with provincial livestock Department in private capacity, has locally invented an Auto Artificial Insemination (AAI) Gun, the first ever in Pakistan, as so for the artificial insemination for livestock breeding is carried out manually in the entire country.

Nohani, who presented the AAI Gun to the provincial minister for Livestock Abdul Bari Pitafi a couple of days back, is confident that if manufactured on large scale and distributed among the persons engaged in artificial insemination job, it will revolutionize the livestock sector.

“Currently, the artificial insemination in Pakistan is carried out manually on the basis of experience and observations, which is a conventional method, having a big negative ratio, but the insemination through AAI Gun would help enhance positive ratio bringing the negative ratio to a minimal point,” Nohani told Sindh Courier on telephone.

“It took three to four months to invent the AAI Gun locally, after some experiments to remove its faults,” he added.

Abdul Majeed Nohani

Noohani, who is one of the scores of youths imparted training at Sindh Agriculture University Tando Jam under a program initiated by Sindh government, said, “The AAI Gun can also help find the heat/temperature level of the animal as well as diagnose the diseases in the uterus, as live process can be watched and recorded with the camera fitted in the AAI Gun, which is completely waterproof.”

“Another important feature of this invention is its cost-effectiveness,” he said adding that if imported, a single AAI Gun would cost about three to four hundred thousand rupees while locally it would require hardly thirty to forty thousand rupees to produce one gun.

Such AAI Guns are in use in Australia, France, Germany, USA and many other developed countries.

Sharing more information, Abdul Majeed Nohani told that around fifty thousand artificial insemination are done every month in Sindh alone, but the number could multiply many times if the AAI Gun is used, and that too with very high positive ratio.

Abdul Majeed Nohani briefing Sindh Minister Abdul Bari Pitafi about the AAI Gun

“I gave a detailed briefing to the minister about the AAI Gun who appreciated my efforts however said that it will be referred to technical experts to judge its functionality and then the necessary legislation would be done before introducing the gun in the market,” he shared.

Abdul Majeed Nohani, who is not formally appointed in government job, was selected for training under the Pro-Poor Social Protection & Economic Sustainability Initiative Program of the government. Currently, several youths are enrolled for training at Sindh Agriculture University and at a Training Center in Tando Muhammad Khan.

What is Aartificial Iinsemination

It is the technique in which semen with living sperms is collected from the male and introduced into female reproductive tract at proper time with the help of instruments. This has been found to result in a normal offspring. In this process, the semen is inseminated into the female by placing a portion of it either in a collected or diluted form into the cervix or uterus by mechanical methods at the proper time and under most hygienic conditions. The first scientific research in artificial insemination of domestic animals was performed on dogs in 1780 by the Italian scientist Lazanno Spalbanzani. His experiments proved that the fertilizing power reside in the spermatozoa and not in the liquid portion of semen. Few further studies under research station conditions helped this technique to be used commercially all over the world including India.

Artificial Insemination is not merely a novel method of bringing about impregnation in females, but a powerful tool mostly employed for livestock improvement. In artificial insemination the germplasm of the bulls of superior quality can be effectively utilized with the least regard for their location in far away places. By adoption of artificial insemination, there would be considerable reduction in both genital and non-genital diseases in the farm stock.


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