Afghanistan: TV anchor forced to praise Taliban with armed men behind

A news anchor, visibly petrified, was made to sing praises of the Taliban with armed men behind him in the studio.

Don’t be afraid. These were the words of a visibly frightened news anchor in Afghanistan with armed men standing behind him in the studio.

The video of the incident has gone viral with questions being raised on the Taliban’s promise of a free press.

A Iranian lady Masih Alinejad has posted the video of TV Anchor (with armed men behind him) on Twitter.

Iranian Lady's Twit - Sindh-Courier

Click here for watching video: TV Anchor forced to praise Taliban

Reports of journalists being targeted have emerged since the Taliban took over Afghanistan on August 15. This comes even as the Taliban said they would allow free press to operate in the country.

A few days back, an Afghan reporter working with Tolo News and a cameraman were thrashed by the Taliban in Kabul while they were reporting in the city.

Reports have emerged of Taliban fighters attacking journalists in the capital city of Kabul and Jalalabad the in Nangarhar province.

Taliban fighters have raided the homes of journalists and their relatives in the past weeks since they captured Kabul. The Taliban have also killed one family member of a reporter working for Deutsche Welle (DW), a German media organization.


Courtesy: India Today


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