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Akash Raj Daswani – The Developer of Money-2-Study Software

Akash Raj Daswani – The Developer of Money-2-Study Software

Born in Sierra Leone, West Africa on 10th February, 1973, Akash Raj Daswani passed away after a short illness on 29th August, 2022 in London.


This body is not me; I am not caught in this body

I am life without boundaries

I have never been born and I have never died

Over there the wide ocean and the sky with many galaxies

All manifests from the basis of consciousness

Since beginning-less time

I have always been free

Birth and death are only a door through which we go in and out

Birth and death are only a game of hide-and-seek

So smile to me and take my hand and wave good-bye

Tomorrow we shall meet again or even before

We shall always be meeting again at the true source

Always meeting again on the myriad paths of life

[Thich Nhat Hanh, Zen Master, in the book “No Death, No Fear”]


By Umesh Daswani

Akash (Aku) Raj Daswani Aku was born in Sierra Leone, West Africa on 10th February, 1973, and he died after a short illness on 29th August, 2022 in London. He leaves behind a family who cared about him deeply. We are devastated to lose him at such a young age.

Aku was always his own man, an independent thinker who based his opinions on his experiences of the world.  He was at ease with people of all backgrounds, and he went out of his way to help anyone who he felt to be disadvantaged.

He worked closely with his employees, treated them as friends, and always put their welfare high on his list of priorities.

His trust in people sometimes worked against him but he never lost that trust, except perhaps in relation to the medical profession!  He was not the person to blindly accept everything his doctors told him during his final illness, and he had the spirit and the courage to re-assess his situation based on his own research.

A childhood friend, Ramsi Mirpuri, reminisced:  “…I have had a close rapport with Aku since his childhood days.  Aku, being a wee boy, would just tag along as a puppy in the melee.  Aku started trading from around the age of 18.  As he grew, I saw him turn into a fine young man who was very enterprising and challenging in his business endeavors.  He was always attempting to maximize the opportunity presented by the digital era.”

Early in the 2000’s Aku developed a software product called Money-2-Study. This was an Amazon-style portal for students, with a portion of the profits being ploughed back to a foundation which helped students financially. It was always his way to give something back and keep less for himself.

His skilled entrepreneurship, his foresight, and his determination to beat the ‘big brands’ enabled him to achieve top listings on Amazon for some of his digital accessories.  He launched an e-book well before Amazon came out with their Kindle, but he was thwarted by the slow development of digital infrastructure and bandwidth, and the marketing muscle of Amazon.

Despite this tussle with Amazon, his pleasure in instant gratification led to him becoming one of the most active customers of their Prime delivery service!

In recent years Aku created a range of Alexa skills for Amazon, with channels for health & fitness, make-up, and recipes.

The recipes were created by famous chefs such as Atul Kochar, who was a close friend.  This initiative led to the development of a major skill, “Find me a job”, the world’s first voice technology-enabled job search product.

This in turn led to the development of a mobile job board, SnappCV, which became a trending download on the Alexa platform and has won awards for being one of the best tech innovations in the global recruitment industry.

In 2005, Aku was instrumental in sponsoring the first-ever Sindhi Sammelan held in London.  He was generous with both his time and his financial help as he wanted to support his father’s dream of promoting the cause of Sindhi culture and language.

He loved Tottenham Hotspur! He was a fervent supporter with memorabilia everywhere, and he became friends with several players. In his early days he recruited Alan Shearer as a brand supporter because he liked him both as a player and a person, and he was hoping to convince him to join Spurs!

Aku even managed to persuade me to switch my allegiance from Liverpool to Tottenham!

Everyone remembers Aku as our little brother with the smiling and welcoming personality, always working on his new ideas and ventures.

Sadly, he had too little time to complete them all, but we should all learn from his example: we get just one chance at life, and we should make the most of it……

Just as Aku did…..

Always And Forever

By Akash Daswani

As people in life, we face the days on our own

We struggle

We cry and

Sometimes we fall


Together, we see a new joy

The joy and hope

That being together brings us peace

Love and happiness


Each time I cry, my tear drops fill an ocean

An ocean that drifts us apart

Each time my heart bleeds

The sky turns red


With you the ocean becomes a river

And the sky becomes the new dawn

A new day rises

The birds sing and the bees buzz


A gentle breeze blows the trees and the green leaves

The flowers bloom

The children play with tears of laughter

The sadness is gone and

Our love becomes stronger


 I love you for now and will forever

My love is like a flame

A light, a warmth, a glow

That surrounds us together


And I know that if I should ever fall

As long as we are together

There will be no pain

As together we are a spirit

That will shine forever

I Love You


Courtesy: Sindhi Samachar (September 2022 issue) 


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