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Alexandra Ochirova: A Poetess on the Silk Road with a Philosophy Torch

Her selected poems in Arabic, translated by Ashraf Aboul-Yazid, are to be published next year in the Silk Road Literature Series.

Author of 15 books, Alexandra Vasilievna says her ability to write poetry is a “gift from God.”  She wrote her first poem “Reed,” when she was 6 years old.

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Next year, Arabic readers will have the opportunity to read Russian poetess Alexandra Ochirova’s selected poems in Arabic translated by Ashraf Aboul-Yazid, to be published in the Silk Road Literature Series. The collection will be in Arabic, English and its original texts in Russian, as well.

Alexandra Vasilievna Ochirova is poet, Soviet and Russian scientist, public and political figure, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, Doctor of Philosophy, Lenin Komsomol Prize winner in Science, member of the Russian Writers’ Union, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Arts, co-president of the All-Russian Movement For Saving People.

Russian Poet - Sindh Courier-4Alexandra Vasilievna’s numerous awards include: Order of Friendship, medals “For Labor Valor” and “850th Anniversary of Moscow,” Acknowledgment of the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, Badge of Honor of the Governor of the Ryazan Region “For Faith and Virtue” and others.

Russian Poet - Sindh Courier-1
Alexandra Ochirova at an event on her book ‘Confession Flies Over the Domes’ organized by Magnezit Cultural Center. Photo by Vasily Maximov

Alexandra Vasilievna speaks of her ability to write poetry as a “gift from God.” She wrote her first poem, “Reed,” when she was 6 years old. Interestingly, Vladimir Migulya wrote the song “Reed Lullaby” to it. Today, 15 collections of Alexandra Ochirova’s works have been published, and more than 80 songs were written to her lyrics, which are performed by popular crooners Edita Piekha, Larissa Dolina, Vladimir Presnyakov and many others.

Dr. Ochirova is a Member of the Russian Union of Writers, and has been an Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts since 2011, since 2015 has been a Silk Road Ambassador of the Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce (SRCIC).

In 2006-2011, Dr. Ochirova served as a member of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, Chairperson of the Commission on Social Development and Chairperson of the Commission on Social and Demographic Policy. She also was a Member of the Organizing Committee, and regularly participated in the International Women’s Summits, as well as the International Conference on Population and Development (Cairo, 1995) and the UN World Summit for Social Development (Copenhagen, 1995).

Russian Poet - Sindh Courier-3Her previous book “Confession Flies Over the Domes…” was celebrated by Magnezit Cultural Center. The collection «Confession Flies Over the Domes…» was published in 2019 for the anniversary of Alexandra Ochirova. It opens with a poem by People’s artist of the RSFSR Valentin Gaft, who was a friend of the author and considered her “a person of many meanings who notices life and thinks simply and sharply.” The impression is illustrated with drawings by Zurab Tsereteli. The book includes poems about the homeland, love, family, morality, faith, poetry and poets, friends… It contains many themes, images, thoughts and feelings that excite the poet and melt hearts of readers and listeners.

“Where should I put a candle for Russia,” “Native speech, the great Russian world,” “I was born every time with silence,” “Like life the green grass,” “In memory of my grandmother,” “I just wanted to be – everywhere, in everything” – these and other lines were heard that evening in the performance of the author and guests of the meet-the-artist event.

Russian Poet - Sindh Courier-2The presentation was led by Andrei Yavnykh, a friend of the Ochirova family, a researcher of Alexandra Vasilievna’s work, Doctor of Philosophy, an author of books and the poetry collection. He noted that Alexandra Vasilievna is a multi-tasker: author of many legislative initiatives, scholar, mother, wife, friend, poet who weaves poetry like a tapestry. She “writes them everywhere and very quickly – on the go, during flights, on the road”. Her handwriting is understood only by her husband, who deciphers and types it on the computer. Valery Nikolayevich has such an important mission. Alexandra Vasilievna’s husband is an outstanding man, a pilot, a combat veteran, a Hero of the Soviet Union.

“I will begin with one of my favorite poems, which was included in the collection of selected writings, copies of which we will donate to the library. And in a month, thanks to the Magnezit Group, we will give Satka a large number of copies of Alexandra Vasilievna’s book – this decision was made here, during our visit” – said Andrei, read “What it was with me” and turned the floor over to the author.

Silk Road Anthology - Ashraf-Dali- Sindh Courier-1
Ashraf Aboul-Yazid

“I want to thank you for being here, for loving poetry”, A. V. Ochirova said to the audience. “Thank you, special people, for all that this city has to offer. I think that every thinking person who comes here would like to participate in the development of Satka, and I am no exception”, admitted Alexandra Vasilievna. She read several of her works and spoke about the 365 Poems project, which was launched on YouTube with the participation of prominent cultural figures.

Ashraf Aboul-Yazid, who is translating the poetry, himself is Egypt’s world known writer, poet, novelist, travelogue writer, translator and Editor-in-Chief at Silk Road Literature Series. He is author of some three dozen books.



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