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An Elegy: Remembering the Gallantry of Hussain!

An Elegy: Remembering the Gallantry of Hussain!


Shoukat LoharShoukat Lohar is Assistant professor in English at Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro. He can be reached at Shoukat.ali@faculty.muet.edu.pk

An elegy: Remembering the Gallantry of Hussain!

In the realm of sorrow,

Let my words now flow,

A tale of anguish, where tears ceaselessly flow.

Amidst the pages of history, a chapter unfolds,

Of Karbala’s tragedy,

Where a mighty tale was told.


It’s time, by dodge,

The Brutus Kufi wrote,

A letter of defiance,

With courage he spoke.


For Great Hussain, a noble soul so revered,

He embarked on a

Journey, undeterred and fearless.

To Karbala they ventured,

Seventy-two strong,

Men, women, and children, a faithful throng.


But deceit awaited, as Yazid’s treachery spread,

A web of lies and falsehood, the righteous bled.

Yazid, the deceiver, his true colors unmasked,

A tyrant, a cheat, in his heart darkness basked.


Hussain, undeterred, stood firm and condemned,

For he knew the path of righteousness wouldn’t bend.

With gallantry, he fought, never kneeling down,

Defending truth and justice, his noble crown.


Through the scorching sands, his banner held high,

A symbol of unwavering strength, touching the sky.

In Muharram, we gather, hearts heavy with pain,

To remember the

Sacrifice, to honor Hussain’s name.


Lessons echo through time,

A sacred legacy,

To be uncompromising before despotism’s decree.

Karbala’s tale, a tragic and solemn decree,

A reminder of valor and unwavering loyalty.


In Hussain’s memory, an elegy we proclaim,

A tribute to his greatness, forever aflame.

So let us weep for Karbala, shed tears for Hussain,

For his sacrifice resonates, our souls it does sustain.

In the annals of history, his name shall forever endure,

A beacon of inspiration, his legacy pure.


Karoonjhar Sindh Courier - Social MediaKaroonjhar Hills Hearts Above!

In the heart of Sindh, a memory stands tall,

Karoonjhar Hills, witness to it all.

A history’s glory etched upon its face,

Symbol of dignity for this ancient place.


Like the mighty Indus, it flows with pride,

A symbol of heritage, never to subside.

Just as Shah Latif’s verses gracefully soar,

Karoonjhar’s greatness we must restore.


But why, oh why, have you turned a blind eye?

To sell your soil and hills, heedless of the cry?

Are you not Sindhi, in heart and soul?

Or descendants of invaders taking their toll?


Your insatiable hunger, never appeased,

Conquering prosperity, the Sindhi people squeezed.

Robbing them of their language, their pride,

Enough is enough, it’s time to decide!


No more will we let you auction our land,

Imperialistic ways, we can’t withstand.

Your atrocities, like wounds, run deep,

But we rise together, from slumber, we leap.


“You,” the new-era Brutus, heartless and cold,

Rasputin of corporations, your grip takes hold.

Hitler of this time, spreading fear and hate,

Genghis Khan reborn, your greed won’t abate.


But know this now, we’ll resist and fight,

Against your oppression, with all our might.

Sindh will stand tall, undeterred,

And into Karoonjhar, your tyranny will be interred.


United, we’ll save our cultural identity,

Preserve our history,

Our precious Karoonjhar, undoubtedly.

Let the winds carry our call across the land,

Stop the cutting, let Karoonjhar’s legacy forever stand.




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