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Angels all over the world – A bouquet of Global Poetry

Angels all over the world – A bouquet of Global Poetry
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Collection of poems about angels from a good part of the world for the readers of Sindh Courier by Stefania Miola, eminent writer and poet from Italy.

 [I wanted to collect poems about angels from a good part of the world for the readers of the magazine. Angels are “people” who suddenly appear in every moments to give light to life…they are always in my life. When I had lost hope. I turned to the divine with all my heart asking for help in overcoming a great test. Suddenly, without any logical explanation, a multitude of angels came and fought with me, bringing me help, comfort and love. To the beloved angels, poets who participated in this path, my gratitude –Stefania Miola]


Angels - Agron - Albania Sindh CourierAgron Shele – Albania

At the twilight I saw the angel descending

Like only he knows to

His white wings blinded the night

And a bright vail covered the sky,

The glowing shape, like a hanging spirit

The fire, kidnapped from the bosom

That was burning on the eyes of lightning

And was poured as a thunderclap

In the turbulent sea.


Or maybe it was the magic of life

That descends from the God’s throne

To bestow only one flash

That was lost to the sunset

To the ship’s rigs surrounded by seagulls

Permeating invisible circles

Flickering on a cover of mystery

As a mirage remains in my day dream.


At the twilight I saw the only light

Brightening the frame of a siren

That radiates her hair to the waterfall,

Immersing them to the ends of depth

Like a reflection of glory itself

To her arm, covered in emerald

Where the specter of colors brakes

Attracted to a red charm.


At twilight I saw the innocent sight

Of her, who gave birth to life!

Building a monument to humanity

The era that lights the world

To spark another desire

Of tomorrows eternity

Kneeling in front of the altar

To get the sole blessing.


The angels that I know

Angels-2Adriano Schiavon –Piemonte – Italy

The angels that I Known

They have no wings

Nor little baby bodies

The angels that I know.

They have heavy shopping bags in one hand.

The other is close to the handrail of the tram.

And sometimes they blaspheme my angels.

And the angels I know have a thousand labors among the wrinkles.

As they sparkle brilliantly in a smile.


What is an Angel? Who is he?

Adriano Schiavon -– Piemonte – Italy

A winged being surrounded by a divine aura?

I am an agnostic

But I love the fairy tales

My pragmatism combines the figure with the imagination

Then I think I know an Angel

He is alive in this land

And the severity suffers

He chews it, fights it.

He is like us

But he smiles and says it will pass.

He rarely cries and only with those he loves to mess with

Only with those who caress it, does the hair look like wings of God

It is then that a smile appears that sweeps away all the mercy of the Earth

It is then that an Angel appears to me

But I’m an agnostic and I believe in fairies



Sandra Mutto– Veneto –Italy

May you be my lighthouse at all times,

 My sweet guardian angel.

 Be my teacher of Love,

Because in this world there is so little.

 May you be the strongest arms ready to welcome me darkest moments.

May you be my faithful friend!

 Ready to listen to me, advise me and console me.

 May you be a source of inspiration and virtue!

 So that I can make sense of my life with your help.

May you always be that angel!

 That since I was a child I have learned to know and love.

 You my angel, always my thanks.


The angels

Sandra Mutto – Veneto Italy

Mystical and sweet creatures,

 The most precious good that God could give us next to us….

When you hear them arrive everything is so beautiful and luminous

 It is as if the butterflies were inside you. at our sunset,

In which we will start to return Home.

The Love that God wanted to give us,

 To protect us and guide us

In the tortuous paths of life.


An angel in my front yard

Angels-5Naser Alshaikh Ahmed – Saudi Arabia

Outside, up in the sky, the stars were so bright.

So, worried in my bed, I could not sleep that night.

I looked out through my window glass.

I noticed a movement on the grass.

Darkness was creeping into my room.

I felt like brushing lights with a broom.

With all the bounties I have in hand.

Happiness seemed so for to land.

I saw figures appear and then fade.

There was someone out there. I can see a shade.

It was an old man. The man had no home

Squatted like he was waiting for the dome


He raised up and on his feet he stood

Trying to look as strong as he could

What have I done to deserve this?

Should I help or should I be careless?

 Shall I neglect him? I couldn’t dare

For I would be hunted by a nightmare

I could be have bluntly and invent a lie.

But a man doesn’t know when he will die.

Something like a revelation poked my heart.

 Made me pause for a moment, then restart.

I rushed with a pillow and a cover.

May he need them or may he never

I was confused, so I brought him in.

For he might be the key, the key to heaven.

Deeper in my soul I began to realize

Blessings to be shared not to monopolize

Now the man was so satisfied.

He smiled and looked at me with pride.

He turned into a butterfly

And flew off the window so high

He was very happy flying around.

With sparkling lights that touched the ground

Flapped his wings and waved goodbye

It was an angel that came by.


Angels of Truth 

Angels-1Maid Corbic – Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Love still lives

The joy is great

For the sleepy eyes of this one

Which are yours only


Love builds peace

Long live the angels

And love develops

When I least expect it.


I certainly know now

That love is stronger

And when we are happy

And when we are sad


The angels of sorrow are here

And without you everything is empty

Because love is clearer

When I least expect it.


The Angels of God 

AngelsLuz Milla Castellano – Colombia

My beloved, my lord, hold my soul I go to your lap,

Sun flower petals golden paths,

Angels hold my hand

The angels of God,

Holy children with their gazes open the sky,

Their souls full of dreams in the gloom of the monsters of the world,

His hands do not hold guns with bullets,

 They hold trumpets of freedom,

Soldiers of God in a desolate world that sings of hope,

The angels of God are the children,

The game of war breaks glass in their sweet minds,

In their innocent hearts,

Their weapons are love,

How not to cry with their tender eyes, with their sweet faces?

Golden fireflies dance in the dark night,

 The light of her heart showing new paths of love,

The angels of the Lord, the brightness of life remains,

Crossing borders, crossing the limits of unconsciousness,

Love exists on the wings of angels,

His hands drawing landscapes of freedom,

The angels of God!

The angels of God fly in the seed of the dandelion there where dreams are,

Where the wind waters love, holy food the word of God,

The angels of God looking for my love the angel of the Lord, my Lord,

Flies hummingbird carries the message, a new awakening,

Where history is filled with angels in love in pandemic times,

What was will no longer be it’s time for love, angels do exist,

The soldiers of the Lord, the children sing, they no longer cry,

They are the angels of God.


The Angels of My Life 

Luz Milla Castellano – Colombia


My mother

That I felt and saw,

My father my protective hero,

My playmates,

My friends shields of goodness, fellow adventurers,

The angels of heaven always by my side, my father sent many, his infinite love extended his sacred hand to take care of me,

The angels on their white horses with their hands full of psalms take care of my life,

The horsemen of love, the same ones from the apocalypse of the beginning and the end,

The angels of God in the bodies of children, their pure eyes showed me the creator,

His holy songs praise God,

The war made them saints, their pure heart gave them victory, and the gragon of evil was destroyed,

The angels of my life are many, sometimes they cannot be seen, their holy light closes the eyes of those who doubt, but there they are, there where the heart looks and the eyes are blind, the angels of my life, of your life, of our lives, there are the angels of my life.


Jung in the Shadows 

Angels-7Alan Patrick Traynor-Ireland

The roar of the woods

Rectangle trees

Long cast Red Book shadows

A dodecahedron in her face

Yes, a song sung before from the salariat


Outside of Reading Gaol

Like a saffron beaked sage

Like a javelin

Leaves the throat

The Eternal PI

Because love has nothing better

To do!

So you Rise up from a Lake

Rage the savage machines


In the triangle flesh of her heart

Lose your soul

Amid your tourmaline whispers

Chivalry is a blade

An unfathomable exility where mitres roar.

And weep in the trees of Hedera

A gold yellow helix

Wrapped around your feet

Guenevere, beneath you

Where children play like salmon

In the rivers of architecture

Bending words through the helicoid light

Where often I did meet Dionysius the Areopagite.

In the hectic Shadows of Angels

Their gold spiraling blood that circles

Up through the existential wrists of Heaven

Did you see it Jung

In the Shadows

In the feudal chair the Lord of Alchemy

On Hadrian’s Wall

The vindolanda white king of death

Steel ringed taloned horns of sycamore gap

A harrier king

That clasps

The king of Hastings

And death shall fall like an Owl

Between you

Artemis in a train station in Athens

Waiting to be kissed

Like a red Swan

Heaving on the Stars

Like a silk worm wanting to be saved

Like the blood

That ran down

Your leg in Agrotera.



Angels-6Sai Prakash – India

I saw her not once many times

That too early into the mornings.

Whispering into my ears

Her eyes locked into mine

May be an angel carrying some divine message

Sent from the far cosmos

No translators to my aid

Often I missed to interpret

But to admit she with her untiring efforts and appearance

Came to me again and again

Her bright face a beacon of light

Urging me to be something that I am not before

As soon as I wake up from my dream she is no longer there

Only to appear the next day before dawn

This time I made up my mind

 To decipher what her presence and message mean to me

Though sleeping I kept on meditating

She did arrive with more radiance this time.

I could read her lips

Oh! Bard this is the right time

For you to leave your indelible

 Mark on the reader’s mind

Write your verse with more depth and dedication

Let every soul rejoice your verse and words

You have the blessings of the cosmos and beyond

I felt her soothing hand on my forehead

Opening my eyes I still see her aura

A pen that glitters like the

Northern star left back for me

 By my bed side. 



Angels-8Rosa Resende – Portugal

Today I dreamed of you in the dark night

The wind, were violin echoes

I felt your face lit up

Packing my soul


You are the angel that shines my way

To whom I give myself with affection

I feel your radiance

That calm my pain


You were breeze and dream

Wrapping me in love

You were my spirit of light

You were the song of my heart


You were a rainbow and a smile

You were an angel hugging my cross

Flying and being born in love

There are moments of magic


Gilding my existence

My dear angel

Your presence

Makes me feel love in poetry


One day

Angels-9Mirella Vinardi – Caselle Torinese, Italy

I see an Angel

One day

He look at me, and I look at him

In his blue eyes

In see the Sky

I see his hurt and my

I see an Angel

One day

He was sitting

In the street

When i look

Into his eyes

I see another world

Better world

I see an Angel

One day


Angels, from mortal to cosmic

Angels-10Luis Antonio Aranda Gallegos (ScriEscribano) Mexico

Angels, supernatural beings;

Active in various mythologies,

Willing to serve every day;

Of Lot, they were cordial protectors.


Benevolent, heavenly beings;

They are protectors of utopias,

Of divine designs, they are watchmen;

Portentous repellents of evils,


Messengers from Creation,

They closed the earthly paradise;

Hagar had, through them, salvation.


They distance the people from the banal,

Path of the great Annunciation,

Custodians until final destination.


An Angel on Earth

Angels-11Shamima Shawket- Bangladesh

A key clenched in her fist

A three-year old in her lap

She is just six.

But has already seen how hard

Life is.

Mother gives her taka fifty

Before leaving

To subsist on the whole day.

That buys cheap snacks,

Nothing nourishing—

Only chips, pickles or ice cream.

She eats these and feeds her

Brother too.

But their small, frail bodies gain

No strength.


The malnourished bodies cling to each other.

For them, there is no school, no studies

All she knows is that she must guard their hut.

Where there’s nothing except

Few old clothes and some

 Pots and pans

And she must take care of her little brother.

No divine word or angel comes

 To them from the Creator.

Day after day, they contend

 With harsh reality

Bereft of any assurance or



The Absolute

Angels-12Giuseppe Cataldi – Lazio -Italia

The Absolute that passes by

Me when he realizes that I peek

Shakes rattles and shakes his head

He is happy at the party


Has a beautiful fast pace

Long legs give him comfort

They are the ones that kick me after

And I feel it on me


And I roll and seek shelter

Maybe I tell myself he did it on purpose

Without me he can’t live

Is a stray mine an intrusive Angel!


The Absolute who lives next

 To me endure every mess

 I make He doesn’t judge,

He just shrugs his shoulders

And winks at me


If I’m wrong I tell him: disappear

I’m tired now but he doesn’t

Give up so tender with my intentions

So firm to my conclusions


Yes I love flowers! I tell him to save me

But a despot navigating in the head

Makes league with the Absolute

He lowers his voice and smiles next


To him we are talking

But do I tell him what I want to do?

Better not I’ll catch it off guard

He won’t play with my feelings.


Usual stuff of good and evil

And everything I should do but

What balls dear Absolute?

Reset every now and then

And don’t plagiarize me!


Stefania Miola - Sindh CourierStefania Miola is an eminent Poetess, Art Critic and Journalist from Italy. Since 2015, her three books have been published – “One sky – the only true one”, “Violets in the Desert” and “The scent of the white rabbit”. All books are awarded nationally and internationally. Her several poems are present in anthologies of various publishing houses.




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