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Another Face – A poem from Peru

Ramina Herrera Arteaga, a poetess from Latin American country, the land of ancient civilization, shares her fresh poem.

I found a mask, an abandoned mask, all dirty, battered, and I decided to take her home, clean it, fix it.

Ramina Herrera Arteaga

Ramina Herrera Arteaga, born in Luya, Amazonas, Peru in 1979, is a Business Administrator by profession. She graduated from the National University of Trujillo. Her poetry “Memories of Unborn” was published online by the magazine “Voices” of Spain. In 2006 it was included in the anthology “Caminos de Poesía” (Editorial Fund of the Provincial Municipality of Cajamarca. She has been awarded many prestigious recognition for her writing.


Another Face

I found a mask

An abandoned mask

All dirty


And I decided to take her home

Clean it

Fix it

And then I left her

In the same place

To be found

For someone who connects with his soul.

I abandoned her

It’s true, I don’t deny it

And I don’t explain myself

How did it come back to me

If neither the face nor the steps I returned,

Puzzled I looked

Because it reflected a bad memory

Souvenir similar to the mask

That they carved on my face

At the tip of a loud voice

And stitching my words!

Today I bumped into

On the wall with her

After long years

To ignore her



And remember

What was I

That, in that dirty street, he left her,

But minutes later

In my bag, it appeared.

Time passed

And I understood

That nothing was a coincidence

Just causality

The mask found me

To understand

To heal



And maybe

Love again …



Encontré una máscara

una máscara abandonada

toda sucia


y decidí llevármela a casa



y luego la dejé

en el mismo lugar

para ser encontrada

por alguien que conecte con su alma.

La abandoné

es cierto, no lo niego

y no me explico

cómo regresó a mi

si ni el rostro, ni los pasos volví,

perpleja miré

pues reflejaba un mal recuerdo

recuerdo similar a la máscara

que tallaron en mi cara

a punta de voz alta

y cosiéndome las palabras.

Hoy me topé

en la pared con ella

tras largos años

de ignorarla



y recordé

que fui yo

que, en aquella calle sucia, la dejó,

pero minutos después

en mi bolso apareció.

Pasó el tiempo

y comprendí

que nada fue casualidad

tan solo causalidad

la máscara me encontró

para entender

para sanar



y quizás

amar otra vez …


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