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Autumn of Himalayas – A Poem from Nepal

Autumn of Himalayas – A Poem from Nepal
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Rupsingh Bhandari

Rupsingh-Bhandari-Nepal-Sindh-CourierA poet, short story writer, social activist, critic and translator from the Karnali province of Nepal, Rupsingh writes in English, Nepali and Hindi. Rupsingh has published several poems, articles, short stories, as well as translated poems and stories. He is the author of the Conscience’s Quantum poetry book. He served as editor of the International Anthology of Pandemic Poetry 2020. His creations are worldwide anthologized and published. He is founder of Words Highway International (Writers Association). Rupsingh does painting and music and loves to travel.


Autumn of Himalayas

Himalaya’s autumn

Before descending into chilling winter


Organizes its mystic matrimony:

Beats of the festive music

From villages to villages,

The harvesting songs of crops,

The fragrances and colors of the distinct trees,

The emerald kingdom’s dances of breezes,

The shrill melodies of ravines and hills

Retells the wedding story of unseen

Bride and bridegroom every year



The verdant earth conspiring with clouds

Drizzles unexpectedly,

The chinking sun blesses

The rice paddy’s richness,

The untoned sky

Bedewing the earth… farewells the summer

As the graduated students 



Bowed boughs of mellow fruits

Teaches the humbleness,

Trees holding the empty nest

Tutors the interconnectedness,

The Himalayas removing its cloudy muffler

Shows its heavenly beautifulness,

Peacefully mediated mountains

After the long summer cry

Preach faithfulness



The old leaves withdraw their

Intimation being gold memories

Ushering the life

In new continuum,

Stars starkly perch hopes on the windows

In the showery nights,

The hurrying nameless hilly brooks

Bullying the bushes of banks run down to meet

Their relatives



The clouds

As the army troops imitating the Himalayas

Parading over the clear blue sky, 

Cohering and removing its moves, as the folk dance.

Flowers wait desperately

Sending autumnal aroma to bees and butterflies

As the invitation letter.


The rivers stealing the sky color head down roaring

To tell the sacred testimony of

Autumn ceremony of Himalayas