Home Books & Authors Ayaz Gul’s two books declared ‘Best Poetry Books of the Year’

Ayaz Gul’s two books declared ‘Best Poetry Books of the Year’

Ayaz Gul’s two books declared ‘Best Poetry Books of the Year’

Both the books were published by Popat Publishing House Khairpur in the year 2021. 

Sindh Courier

Anjuman Taraqi Pasand Musanfeen Sindh, an organization of progressive writers, has awarded two poetry books ‘The Exiled Memories’ and ‘Nind’a Pari’ (Fairy of Sleep) of renowned Sindhi poet Prof. Ayaz Gul, as the best books.

The first one is the English translation of Ayaz Gul’s Sindhi poetry, and the other one is a compilation of his selected poems for children. His Sindhi poems have been translated into English by Prof. Latif Noonari. Both the books have been published by Popat Publishing House Khairpur, run by Qurban Mangi, in the year 2021.

The awards were announced on February 12, 2023 at a literary conference titled ‘Bardo Sindhi Memorial Conference’, organized by Anjuman Taraqi Pasand Musanfeen at Ghotki town.

The Exiled Memories- Sindh Courier‘The Exiled Memories’ is the collection of over sixty selected poems of Ayaz Gul, the first-rank progressive Sindhi poet. The book, which contains the foreword written by Late Muhammad Ibrahim Joyo, a legend of scholarly world of Sindh, an introduction by Vali Ram Vallabh, another renowned octogenarian writer, and a preface by Prof. Latif Noonari, the translator, was to be published a decade and a half back, but was delayed due to certain ‘painful reasons’, as described by the poet.

Poet Ayaz Gul, who is based in Sukkur, in his brief note says, “Years have gone by and I continue dreaming. My poetry is but a form of dreams, the dreams that come furtively to pass a night or, at times, gatecrash like a storm into the eyes in broad daylight. I have attempted to welcome both forms of the dreams into the beautiful house of words and feelings. And these dreams are not mine alone, if they kiss the threshold of your eyes and knock at the door of your heart, they are yours, too. My best reward is just that.”

The title of the book has been chosen from one of the poem ‘The Exiled Memories’. The translator in his preface says he found Ayaz Gul’s poetry so simple. The diction he uses is so unassumingly common that one wonders if conversational structure can put on the garb of a poetic idea.”

The translator has quoted certain selected verses:    

The sharp screech of tyres and a cry

A life is crushed on the road!


Not late will be the light

Crawling goes the night!


Every time fear of fall is there

Love is like the first flight, dear


In this era of disco

Our life is a saintly song


Millions of horrors in your heart

Shall descend like dagger

In this race of munitions!

Corpses you shall get

In this race of munitions!


Nind Pari - Sindh CourierThe book ‘Nind Pari’ – Poetry book for Children contains selected 28 poems of Ayaz Gul, who says children are his weakness. “I love children so much that they have become my weakness.”

This is his second poetry book for children. His first book ‘Gul ain Tara’ (The Flowers and the Stars) was published back in 1979 when the world first time celebrated it as the ‘Year of Children’.

Underscoring the importance of children’s literature in the languages, Ayaz Gul realizes in his note the dearth of children’s literature in Sindhi language, and also laments that no serious effort has been made even at government level, which is a big tragedy. He suggests that the private publishing houses can afford to publish a few books for children in a year.





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