Bandits gun down eight members of Indhar Community near Sadiqabad

Three bandits of Janoo Indhar gang opened fires at a petrol pump and another office in Mahi Chowk Bazaar area near Sindh-Punjab border.

The policemen present at nearby Police Post didn’t take action and came to the place of incident only after the assassins had left.    

By Nazeer Malik

Ubauro, Sindh: A gang of notorious bandits gunned down eight members of Indhar community during an attack at two petrol pumps in Mahi Chowk Bazaar area of Sadiqabad district of Punjab bordering Sindh on Sunday. The bloody incident is said to be the result of an old enmity.

According to reports reaching here, three bandits, belonging to notorious gang of Janoo Indhar, armed with sophisticated weapons, came on three bikes and opened indiscriminate fires at a petrol pump killing Zaheer Abbas and Farooq, both of Indhar community. Another person identified as Sher Ali sustained bullet injuries.

Later, the bandits stormed on office of Apple Seed and gunned down six other persons identified as Shareef, Nazeer, Allahdad, Munawar, Peer Bux and Ghulam Nabi.

Surprisingly, the police personnel, present at a police post located near the place of incident, didn’t intervene although the bandits continued bloodshed for half an hour. The police came to the place of incident after the bandits had left.

The dead bodies and injured were shifted to Tehsil Hospital.

The injured person Sher Ali told the police that he identified two of the bandits as Tanveer and Shahzada Dashti.

According to DPO Rahimyar Khan – Asad Sarfaraz, the bandits had old enmity with the deceased persons. Police said that six members of Janoo gang were killed by police some three years back and later the gang had avenged by killing a policeman. However, they doubted that the deceased persons were the police informers.

Bandits-Attack-8-killed-Sindh-CourierAnother report suggests that the dacoits had sent messages to the deceased Zaheer Abbas, the petrol pump owner, a couple of days back, for payment of extortion money and leaving the area.

There are certain reports that the police had allowed the Janoo Indhar gang to stay in the area with a condition not to commit any crime and cooperate with police in maintaining the peace.


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