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Book Review: Eat That Frog

Eat that Frog is a book penned by Brian Tracy, an American motivational public speaker and self-developing author

Eat that Frog is one of the outstanding books on self-help. It has great laws to shape attitude and win the race of success and how to be a master in business, management, education and other fields

Reviewed by Ashfaque Ali Zardari

Eat that Frog is a book penned by Brian Tracy. He is an American motivational public speaker and self-developing author. He is the author of eighty plus books that have been translated into numerous of languages. His familiar books are, Earn What You’re Really Worth, Eat That Frog, No Excuses, The Power of Self-Discipline these are the most familiar books among  other books.

Eat that frogEat that Frog is one of the outstanding book amongst the all self-help books. I have recently gone through this book. It has great laws to shape attitude and win the race of success and how to be a master in business, management, education and other fields as well. This book is about the eradication of procrastinating and get more in less time. This book is consist of 21 chapters along with conclusion. All characters are short and comprehensible. All the chapters are applicable and effective and has life changing potential. This book has magical and spellbinding effect, when you start, you wouldn’t be awaited without completing in one sitting. This book is not only full of words, but it is full of magical words and the treasure of knowledge. Writer has showed his personal struggle and actually writer has passed through the harsh situations, and he really described. When I started this book, I could not sleep even a wink, because I was curious to complete and learn more and more. The language of book is optimal and well arranged, when you go through the ideas, you would be thinking that you are on the track of success and you will be insisted by the ideas to act upon. This book is the best choice for the deplorable readers, and this book has improved my reading skills at good extent and I have been motivated and energized by the book. I have picked the best lines of each chapter to attract the readers and they must read this optimal piece of writing.

Success is predictable

This suggests that success is not a tea in teapot, it is the result of doing different things in different way. Tracy has made path easy for who really want to success. It reiterates that always do difficult things in the first, it means eat the ugliest frog in the beginning.

Develop the habits of success

Our success is measured by our daily habits, which we used to perform daily.

Visualize yourself as you want to be

It aware us that, see yourself as you intend to be in the future and always upgrade your self-esteem in every circumstances.

In the second chapter, it has been mentioned the cause of laziness, procrastination, and lack of motivation, vagueness, confusion and fuzzy mindedness. And further we come to know the importance of written goals and writer emphasis on the importance of written goals and objectives, there was mentioned, that only about 3% of adults have clear, written goals.

You create something that you can touch and see. On the other hand, a goal or objective that is not written is merely a wish or fantasy. Writer says everyone must write goals in written and descriptive form and have a repetition again and again, it will tend to us and remind our goal frequently.

Alex Mackenzie wrote, “Action without planning is the cause of every failure”. I really assure you that when you start this book, your all grievance related to motivation and reading skills will be perished.

Light on plot

Multiple precious ideas have been observed and these ideas have very great impact on the daily life, like time management, overcoming on procrastination, it is suggested that eat the ugliest frog one, if you can’t at whole you have to eat bit by bit.


The ideas are distinct and well analyzed and has changed the life of number of people. This book is the great choice, for those who have been waiting for something miraculous. The great lines of this book: The fact is that the amount of time required to complete an important job is often same as the time required to do an unimportant job. This lines remind us to be stuck with the necessary jobs, because both necessary and unnecessary jobs require same time, then why should one waste on cheaper things. In chapter four the great lines have written “long-term thinking improves short term decision making.”

And this book has lighted about deadlines, many people set deadlines, and they think, they work better, but years of research indicate that this is seldom true, it is an excuse and self-satisfactory thing.

My personal Opinion

Overall this book is worth to be digested and must be applied in daily routine. If I’m asked which book is the best amongst self-help books, I would say right off the bat Eat that Frog, the Brian Tracy himself as a great example for learners. I’m not able to summarize this book, it’s beyond description and introduction, on the every ideas of this multiple books can be written to describe its fame. Writing Style of this book is so matchless and very great diction is used, and dignified composition of notions and thought provoking connectivity among the ideas. When you start this book you would feel that you would consider yourself into the river of knowledge, and ideas will flow in your mind, usually in the river water flows, you would have insightful view. Lot of themes have been observed and like, procrastinating, time management, leading skills, self-awareness these are the most repeated and regulatory themes, and writer has given a comprehensive implementation. The greatest quality of this book has been energized the learners, for competitive exams, and other great quality of this book is it is all-rounder and can be utilized in every discipline, field and department this quality of the book has become the cause of great it’s sell, and it is well read book. My personal recommendation it is very brief book, you are not going to be bore, I would suggest you read once in your life.


Ashfaque Ali Zardari is a student of English Literature and Linguistics at Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University Nawabshah Sindh 


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