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Business is the future of our youth

Business is the future of our youth

Great poet Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai has also promoted business and trade in his poetry

Larkano, Sindh

In order to educate, train and inspire the youth to overcome the barriers and seize the opportunities for their betterment and of the country, the Department of Business Administration, Sindh University Campus Larkano organized 2nd International Youth Entrepreneurs’ Summit 2023 here at the main Auditorium Hall.

SUCL - Summit-Sindh Courier-1The Summit was presided over by Pro Vice Chancellor Sindh University Campus Larkano Prof Dr. Azhar Ali Shah and was jointly inaugurated by Deputy Commissioner Larkano Ms. Rabia Siyal, Summit Director Ghulam Mustafa Shaikh, Ms. Shagufta Shaikh, Ali Mustafa Abro and Organizers Sharyar Abbasi, Alam Khuhawar, Shafiq Soomro, Abdullah Tunio, Aliza Shaikh, Sania Rashdi, Sumia Brohi, Tayaba and others.

Prof Dr. Azhar Ali Shah and Ms. Rabia Siyal visited all the business shops and discussed the innovation and optimization to transform the conventional business to entrepreneurship so as to be able for self-employment as well as create jobs for others.

SUCL - Summit-Sindh Courier-3Dr. Mir Dost who holds PhD in Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management from AIT Thailand and currently serving as a Professor of Entrepreneurship & Management at Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education, UK, talked about Hybrid Entrepreneurship. He described the bright and flip sides of entrepreneurship.

He encouraged the youth to go for business approach rather to emphasis on dark sides of the life. He talked about enablers, potential barriers, and outcomes of the hybrid entrepreneurship.

Mr. Sunny Rawlani, CEO D-Nova said that for successful business, things must be simple – we must know the simple math, the revenue should me more than expenses, for achieving that we must have vision to convert it, and that vision must match the market and should be problem solving.

SUCL - Summit-Sindh Courier-4“When we have all this, we can execute it and be consistent to make it grow. Time will come when we will hit the market,” he said.

Prof Ali Nawaz Soomro from Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur expressed that our youth need to be confidant and if the experience of seniors and passion of youth works together then the future of institutions, society as well as state shall be definitely bright.

Ms. Nehrish Shaikh said that being mother of two children she manages house as well office work as HR Head at a private organization. For a successful role we have to motivate our family as well as office environment. Role of the head of family and organization is important for provision of safe environment for working women.

She said that during her stay at Malaysia she witnessed female taxi drivers. “It’s all about the confidence,” she said.

SUCL - Summit-Sindh Courier-5Ms. Dhanak Yousif said that due to lack of knowledge minority communities face some issues in the Society. “We need to create awareness among the youth regarding various affirmative actions being implemented by the government and other organizations which are aimed at promoting respect and support for diversity leading towards tolerance and inclusion.”

Prof Jam Jamali quoted Sindhi adage “Utam Kheti, Wadhandar Wapar” and said that business and trade is also promoted by Shah Latif. He talks about Wanjaro as business and trade hero.

He said that we are business community and business nation but we need to follow ethics, not to be hoarders and exploiters. “Latif teaches and appreciates this ethics.”

“Business is the future of our youth for creating peaceful, progressive and prosperous society,” he said. (PR)



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