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Catharsis: Don’t Block Your Emotions

Catharsis: Don’t Block Your Emotions

Catharsis is much needed for mental health

Ashfaque Ali Zardari

Catharsis is a process in which a person achieves mental peace, purification and renewal by expressing his suppressed strong emotions and feelings in some form.

If a person does not do catharsis, then the emotions and feelings suppressed inside him take the form of anger. And as a result of this, anger, anxiety, sorrow and depression start to increase in human society.

It means Catharsis is the process of cleansing and purification. It’s the process of expressing all kinds of emotions and feelings. When we are not able to express our feelings properly on various occasions, we suffer from mental stress because these incomplete feelings make their abode in the subconscious.

Release your subconscious from the burden of years-old enmities, regrets, deprivations, hatreds and doubts

Each person experiences catharsis in their own way. Some people write poetry or prose, some people make pictures, do painting, carve statues, while someone scream in anger, others pour salt water from their eyes, and someone talk to themselves.

It is a form of catharsis in the human mood. It is up to the person to find out what is the work or method by which he or she can find relief by doing catharsis.

The tragedy is that there are many people who do not know what their catharsis is.

Blocked emotions block vitality; stress and restlessness arise when we suppress positive and negative emotions

When a person expels the dust from within through catharsis, the desire to live happily arises within him. He begins to love his surroundings. One begins to enjoy the blessings of the universe.

We need to take more care of our mental health because it directly affects our physical health. Catharsis is much needed for mental health.

Learn to live life to the fullest. Celebrate happy occasions openly. When you feel sad and hurt, express it. If someone says something bad, tell him. Say thanks if anyone has helped. If someone needs help, ask openly. If you see something good in someone, praise it openly.

We need to take more care of our mental health because it directly affects our physical health

Stress and restlessness arise when we suppress positive and negative emotions and carry their baggage in our subconscious. In this baggage years old enmities, regrets, deprivations, hatreds and doubts are stored. These torments and suppressed feelings take away the joy and satisfaction of life. Give yourself time to clear your baggage, bring your feelings and thoughts to a logical conclusion.

Some methods of catharsis

  1. Always express your feelings openly, don’t keep anything in your heart. All kinds of emotions can be expressed with good manners and words.
  2. One can also express all one’s feelings about others, like parents, friends, etc.
  3. Write poetry, prose, fiction or constructive messages. This can be done very well on Facebook.
  4. Take keen interest in painting.
  5. Take part in sports, the heart is lightened by your favorite sport.
  6. Read books, watch documentaries, enjoy interesting knowledge.
  7. Participate in some charity work, give something to the society, do something for your country, do something for your Allah, benefit the creation.
  8. Meditate, it relaxes the heart and intuition, clears the emotions.
  9. Forgive all people and go to sleep every day, it opens the knots of the subconscious.
  10. Express before your Allah, complain, discuss. And after that purify your heart, when you have given the matter to Allah, get out of the middle yourself.

If you are finding it difficult to do all of these things, seek counseling, have catharsis with a psychologist, and express your inner and subconscious emotions, years of repressed emotions, improve your mental health and restore your abilities. Learn to live openly by doing because your subconscious stress is affecting not only your life but also the lives of those around you.


Ashfaque Ali Zardari is student of English Literature at Benazir Bhutto University, Nawabshah Sindh



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