Home News Cheti Chand: Sindhi community of Vadodara organizes Blood Donation Camp

Cheti Chand: Sindhi community of Vadodara organizes Blood Donation Camp

Cheti Chand: Sindhi community of Vadodara organizes Blood Donation Camp

Camp was inaugurated by Shri Manish Lal, the caretaker of Jhulelal Varundev Temple of Bharuch City

Sindh Courier Report

Vadodara, Gujarat, India

The Lahiripura Sindhi Vepari Parivar, a community organization of Sindhi traders of Vadodara (Baroda) city of Gujarat state of India organized a daylong Blood Donation Camp on Tuesday March 21, 2023.

Team at Blood Donation Camp- Sindh CourierBaroda-Blood-Camp-Group-Sindh-CourierThe Blood Donation Camp was part of weeklong celebration of Cheti Chand, the New Sindhi Year. This was the 24th Blood Donation Camp arranged by Lahiripura Sindhi Vepari Parivaar. In last 23 years they have collected 14742 blood units.

Puja-Jhulelal-BarodaAccording to Mr. Haresh Agnani, a total of 875 units of blood were collected during the Tuesday’s blood donation camp. Each blood donor was given a beautiful gift.

Mr. Roopchand Vaswani and Mr. Shyam Vaswani were the main organizers of the blood donation camp while several notables of Sindhi society, Dr. Shah Vijay, the Head of BJP Vadodara City, Mayor of Vadodara City, members of Vadodara Municipal Corporation, and others visited the camp.

Shri Manish Lal

The blood donation camp was inaugurated by Shri Manish Lal of Bharuch, who is the 26th generation of the caretaker family of Lord Jhulelal Varundev Temple. Now-a-days he is settled in Vadodara.

Bharuch, formerly known as Broach, is a city at the mouth of the river Narmada in Gujarat in western India. Bharuch is a shopping Center well known for its salty peanuts. Because of the distinctive color of the soil here that is ideal for cotton cultivation, Bharuch is sometimes referred to as ‘Kanam Pradesh’ (black soil land).

The Sindhi community of India attach great importance to the Bharuch, as the Original Jyot brought by their ancestors from Udero Lal Sindh is placed at Jhulelal Varundev Temple in this city. This happened during the partition in 1947 when Sindhis had to leave their motherland and start life a fresh in unknown territory.

Original Jyot brought from Udero Lal Sindh and placed at Jhulelal Varundev Temple in Bharuch City

While talking to Sindh Courier, Shri Manish Lal said that his ancestors were Bhodai Thakurs and belonged to Sehwan in Sindh. “I was born in Vadodara (Baroda) and after my father Lal Sahib Thakur, I am the current caretaker of Temple and Jhulelal Jyot,” he told.

“My father had brought the original Jyot from Udero Lal when he migrated to India in 1947, and placed it in Jhulelal Varundev Temple at Bharuch,” he said.

Shri Manish Lal said that the Sindhi community used to visit the temple for Puja of Jyot, as no deities are kept in this temple located at the bank of Narmada River and is a largest Theerath of Sindhis.




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