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Contemporary World Literature: Poetry from Poland

Contemporary World Literature- Poland-wilted-rose
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Contemporary World Literature Poetry from Poland

By Parthita Dutta

Parthita DuttaParthita Dutta, born in Kolkata, India, is currently living in Poland. She is an engineer and aspiring bilingual writer, having keen interest in science, scriptures and literature. She writes different genres of poetry, exhibits philosophical tone and spreads love, humanity and spirituality.

Wilted Rose

The passionate sensation

I am born to rouse

By triggering dopamine

Indulge delightful hues

In the color spectrum

I am in extreme domination

For I drive, a deep delirious desire.


I kindle fire and sensuality,

Within my radial aura

Impending obscured complexity


My intoxicating fragrance

Drag you to the world

Of thorns, infusing ecstasy

That’s how the existence sustains on earth

Wherein each death is

Followed by birth


And I am sent

To give away all my essence

So the petals are wilted

But don’t mourn have mirth

For by the world, I am not jilted

Through my selfless service

In another seed

I will incarnate!


Copyright- Parthita Dutta (Shared by Poetess through email from Poland)
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