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Cosmic Reflection – A Poem from Nepal

Cosmic Reflection – A Poem from Nepal

Rajendra Ojha (Nayan), a renowned poet and researcher from Kathmandu, Nepal, the Himalayan country, shares his poem 

Rajendra Ojha (Nayan)

Rajendra Ojha NepalRajendra Ojha (Nayan) is a published poet, social researcher, social worker and EU certified trainer. He also served as Citizen Diplomat for three months under the ‘Ministry of Population and Environment’ in 2018 to Switzerland for the diplomatic program of the Minamata Convention, which was held in Geneva, Switzerland. Poems and philosophical writings of Rajendra Ojha have been published in various national as well as international literary journals from Nepal, the U.S.A., India, China, Russia, Spain, and Myanmar in both Nepalese as well as English. As a social researcher, he has been credited for two international research reports based on ‘Sustainable Tourism’, and ‘Entrepreneurship Study, along with one national research that he carried out and published in ‘Nepalese Journal of Management and Social Science Research’. He also published two anthologies, ‘Through the World’ (collection of experimental poems) and ‘Words of Tiger’ (collection of philosophical and psychological poems), in 2011 and 2019, respectively.

Cosmic Reflection

Every night when I gaze up at the stars,

I have the feeling that the time is drawing nearer to me—

When I, magnificently, turn into one of them.

Observing the stars from Earth is incredible, isn’t it?

However, the notion of becoming one, though,

Might not be viewed as fantastic by everyone.

There are trillions of stars in the vast cosmos,

And maybe some of them hide intelligent beings—

That surpass us in mental heroism.

These beings, ‘capable of instantly understanding our trajectory-

But remain indifferent,

Some even with null fondness for any earthlings.

We may be gradually turning into the star; or maybe not,

It’s all about our logic-centric hypothetical mindset.

But for now, we are yet to meet those superior intelligence,

After all, until now, it’s just a cosmic reflection of our mind.




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