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Countries Dismantle Soviet-Era Monuments

Countries Dismantle Soviet-Era Monuments
Finnish officials moved to dismantle the "World Peace" sculpture in Helsinki, which had been donated by the city of Moscow in 1990, on Aug. 8.

Countries that had been within Moscow’s orbit during the Soviet period — particularly Poland and the Baltic states — have moved to remove Soviet-era monuments from their public spaces.

Here’s a look at some of the monuments that have been dismantled in recent months:

A T-34 tank was dismantled in Narva, Estonia on Aug. 16.
On Aug. 16, a Red Army obelisk in Narva Castle Park was dismantled.
The monument to the builders of the Narva Power Plants in Estonia, was torn down on Aug. 7.
A monument to Soviet soldiers in the city of Merkine, Lithuania, was demolished on May 20.
A sculpture of a Soviet soldier located in the Kedainiai cemetery in Lithuania was dismantled on April 27.
A monument to Soviet soldiers was dismantled in Marijampolė, Lithuania on April 22. A sculpture titled “Soldier” was removed from the Soviet cemetery in the Lithuanian city of Kaunas on April 26.
A Red Army monument being removed in Sieldce, Poland on April 20.
A monument to Red Army soldiers was dismantled in Chrzowice, Poland on March 23.


Courtesy: Moscow Times