Courts cannot undo legislation – Sindh Chief Minister

“I have directed all departments to prepare list of decisions which are acts of interference in the domain of legislature so that appeal could be filed”

Judges are summoning the chief secretaries, IGPs, and other officers and threatening to implement their orders, otherwise they would summon their chief ministers – Murad Shah  

Karachi, Sindh

Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has said that this country would progress and flourish when the three pillars – legislature, executive, and judiciary would work within their constitutional domain.

“The interference in each other’s domain has not only affected the genuine uplift of the country but has stemmed the rot.”

He said this while concluding his pre-budget speech on the assembly floor on Friday.

Shah said that the provincial assembly, through legislation, had changed the name of Gumbat Institute to Pir Abul Qadir Shah Jilani Institute of Medical Sciences but a court has undone it. “I have directed my legal team to prepare an appeal,” he said and added the courts could not undo such legislation.

Shah said that he has also directed all his departments to prepare a list of such decisions which are acts of interference in the domain of legislature so that appeal could be filed. He added that the late Pir Abdul Qadir Shah Jilani has served this province as five times MNA and as a federal minister. “Dedication of an institution in his name [Pir Abdul Qadir Shah] is a recognition of his services and it was done by the assembly, therefore it could not be changed,” he said.

The CM said that the judges were summoning the chief secretaries, IGPs, and other officers and threatened them to implement their orders, otherwise they would summon their chief ministers. He added that this was not a way but an interference in the matters of the executive.

Comparing Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Shaheed Mohterma Benazir Bhutto with him [Imran Khan] would be an injustice with the history of this country and with the brave and visionary leaders. “Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto had said that he was ready to sacrifice his life for the sake of this country and went on saying as he would not hesitate to sacrifice his children which he did,” the CM quoting late Bhutto said and added, on the other hand, the leader of a fascist party [Imran Khan] was making his innocent workers as a human shield to protect himself.

Bhutto bravely accepted the gallows while he [Imran Khan] was hiding under his bed and wearing industrial masks.

Murad Shah quoting Shaheed Bhutto’s speech at the UN in 1971 said “He [SZB] had refused to address India foreign minister Swaran Singh as `distinguished’ because his hands were tinted with the blood of people of Pakistan.” He added that on the other hand, the fascist leader [Imran Khan] was openly tinting his hands with the blood of his innocent workers.

Shah said that Shaheed Benazir Bhutto knew that she would be killed upon her return, but she returned to Pakistan. Contrary to her, he [Imran Khan] has kept a member of a banned outfit of terrorists for his protection.

This is the difference between true democratic leaders and a fascist party that believed in bloodshed and defying the law of the land, and the court orders and they do not respect the institutions of this country.

Murad Shah quoting from the speeches and announcement of Imran Khan on October 31, 2018, said that he had called for killing the judges, and removal of the army chief and had ordered the workers to come onto the roads. “When I was studying, he [Imran Khan] was playing cricket and when he turned 50-year-old he started studying that’s why he has no sense, no political wisdom, and no respect for anybody,” he said.

Pre-budget: Talking about the introduction of the pre-budget provision in the assembly rules, the CM said that its credit goes to PPP. He added that this provision was framed by a committee headed by the late Dr. Sikandar Mendhro in 2013, otherwise nowhere in any provincial or national assembly of Pakistan such an exercise was carried out.

Shah said that the purpose of the pre-budget discussion was to incorporate the proposal of the assembly members. “I am thankful to some assembly members that they have. Given some good proposals and raised issues of their respective constituencies,” he said and added he would present a resolution to adopt their recommendations in the budget.

Law & Order: Murad Ali Shah said that some of the members from the opposition benches took up the issue of kidnapping for ransom by dacoits in the katcha area. He added that the katcha area started from the sea up to the areas of Kashmore where this bandits issue persisted at the tri-border- Sindh, Balochistan, and Punjab.

Shah said that he had spoken with the chief ministers of Balochistan and Punjab to hold a meeting at the border to chalk out a strategy to launch a vigorous cleanup operation. He added that the proposed meeting could not take place, but he was working with the army, intelligence agencies and the police to start the operation for which preparations were in full swing.

Floods: The chief minister said that the floods of 2022 wreaked havoc on the infrastructure and economy of the province, therefore his government took austerity measures. “During the last eight months, upto Feb 2023, we have spent only Rs.8o billion against an allocated budget of Rs148 billion operative expenditures budget.

Shah said that he was trying to make maximum development, but this development initiative has been affected by the restructuring of the infrastructure damaged by the floods.

The CM presented the resolution to consider the pre-budget recommendation given by the opposition members in the pre-budget session. The resolution was passed unanimously.

The session was prorogued. (PR)



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