Crackdown on Drug Peddlers launched in Hyderabad

144 Accused arrested, 119 cases registered against drug peddlers

12255 kg hashish, 750 ice packets, 17722 mainpuri and 67123 packets of gutka seized – Sindh Information Minister

The data shows that no main supplier or the manufacturer of the mainpuri, gutka or any other drugs have been arrested by the police

Sindh Courier

Karachi, Sindh

The district administration and Hyderabad police have launched a grand operation against Mainpuri, Gutka and 144 accused were arrested and 119 cases registered across the district during last 36 hours, Sindh Minister for Information, Transport and Mass Transit Sharjeel Inam Memon claimed in his tweet on Friday.

He said that 2 cases have been registered against the drug peddlers in the city police station and 2 accused have been arrested. Six cases were registered at Fort police station and 6 accused were arrested. One case has been registered at market police station and 2 persons arrested, while 3 accused arrested by Sakhi Peer Police and 3 cases registered, 3 cases registered in Cantonment police station and 3 persons arrested, one accused arrested by GOR police and one case registered.

Hyderabad-Drug-Peddlers-Photo-by-Police-1Similarly, 7 people were arrested and 6 cases were registered in Phuleli, 14 accused were arrested and 8 cases registered at Pinyari police station, minister added.

The provincial minister said that 11 people have been arrested and 9 cases registered in A-section police station, 3 cases registered against the accused involved in drug trade at the airport police station and 2 arrests were made.

Seven drug peddlers arrested and 5 cases registered at Heerababad police station; 3 arrested and 2 cases registered at B-Section police Station; 10 arrested and 7 cases registered at Qasimabad while Naseem Nagar police arrested 5 and registered 5 cases; Baldia police arrested 5 and registered 4 cases ; Bhitai Nagar Police arrested one accused and registered 1 case; 14 accused arrested by Hali Road police and registered 11 cases, Miran Shah Police arrested 1 accused and registered 1 case, Site police station arrested 4 people and registered 5 cases.

The Tando Yusuf police arrested 6 accused and registered 6 cases, Tando Jam police arrested 9 accused and registered 7 cases, Rahooki police arrested 1 accused and registered 1 case. Ten people have been arrested by Hussri police and registered 7 cases, Pabban police arrested 10 and registered 6 cases, and 2 cases in Chhalgri police station have also been registered while Hattri police have arrested 8 drug peddlers and registered 7 cases.

Hyderabad-Drug-Peddlers-Photo-by-Police-3The provincial information minister said that 12255 kg hashish, 750 ice packets have been recovered from the accused; the police have also recovered 17722 mainpuri and 67123 packets of gutka from the accused persons.

He said that the police have also seized 295 liters liquor bottles and 127 pints.

Minister said that journalists’ organizations and traders’ associations have also been taken on board to make the ongoing campaign against drugs in Hyderabad a success. He appealed citizens and civil society organizations to support the government in this campaign so as to protect young generation from the scourge of drugs.

However, the data released by the minister shows that no main supplier or the manufacturer of the mainpuri, gutka or any other drugs have been arrested by the police.



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