Home News Dadu: A High School Without Water and Electricity

Dadu: A High School Without Water and Electricity

Dadu: A High School Without Water and Electricity
Protest demonstration by teachers and students

Power distribution company SEPCO conducts load shedding during school time – teachers and students protest stage demonstration  

By Allah Bux Khushik

Dadu, Sindh

The teachers and students of Government Talib-ul-Mola High School of Dadu city staged demonstration against the municipal authorities and the power distribution company SEPCO on Thursday August 4, 2023 to lodge protest on suspension of water supply and illegal load shedding of electricity even during hot days of summer.

The students and teachers staged demonstration at assembly ground of School. They held placards and chanted slogans against municipal administration and SECPO authorities for not redressing their grievances.

Dadu-School-Sindh-Courier-2The demonstration was led Tabish Bukhari, Nabi Bux Samo, Muhammad Ameen, and Abdul Khalique.

Tabish Bukhari said that since last six months, water supply line was disconnected by the municipal authorities and has not been restored despite complaint to municipal administration. He said that due to non-supply of water, the school management is compelled to buy water from loader rickshaws.

He said that not only water supply was disconnected but illegal load shedding during school time has created great hardships for the students.

Dadu-School-Sindh-Courier-3He said that they had written to concerned SECPO officers for ending illegal load shedding but neither they decreased load shedding duration nor did they give any schedule of load shedding.

Another teacher Abdul Aziz Jatoi said that last year flood-affective people stayed in school building that also damaged solar panels, water supply lines and infrastructure of school.

Dadu-School-Sindh-Courier-4He said that 1800 students are facing hardship due to lack of facilities.

Aziz Jatoi said that after recent rains, plaster of ceiling collapsed on students and many time they got minor injuries but the concerned authorities have failed to resolve problems of historical school of Sindh.

He demanded education minister Sardar Ali Shah to provide basic facilities to the government school and resolve all problems of students.



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