Home News Darul Aman Larkano celebrates International Women’s Day

Darul Aman Larkano celebrates International Women’s Day

Darul Aman Larkano celebrates International Women’s Day

Commissioner Larkano Division, civil society members joined the celebration  

From Correspondent


The administration of Darul Aman, the shelter home for women, organized a program on Wednesday March 8, 2023 to celebrate the International Women’s Day.

The women, sheltered at Darul Aman, took part in different activities. They also presented tableaus related to women’s issues. The women had also displayed their embroidery work and costumes tailored by them.

Shelter-Home-Larkano-Sindh-CourierCommissioner of Larkana Division Ghanhwer Khan Leghari, Dr. Dayali Gul, Dr. Sakina Gaad, General Secretary, Gomibai Ladies Club, and several other members of civil society joined the women of shelter home. The local lawyers who had been active for women rights and used to help the women in legal matters, also attended the program.

Shelter-Home-Larkano-Sindh-Courier-2Shelter-Home-Larkano-Sindh-Courier-3Women victims of violence including domestic violence, physical, psychological abuse, rape cases, forced marriage, emotional and economical abuse, etc. are admitted to these shelter homes.



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