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Dedicate the time to create beauty, there is no time for war

Dedicate the time to create beauty, there is no time for war

The members of the group come from different experiences in the musical field but united by passion for music and the sharing of beauty through singing. “O War O Beauty” is their slogan.

Stefania Miola

The members of the group come from different experiences in the musical field but united by passion for music and the sharing of beauty through singing. “O War O Beauty” is the slogan shown on their Facebook page and they naturally choose beauty and love for music.

Their musical texts are drawn from wonderful pages of sacred music and more, of the music composed in Europe during the Italian and Spanish Renaissance. By way of example Orlando di Lasso (Mons, 1532 – Munich, 1594) Flemish composer. The mission of the ‘Le Voci PeriGolose’ is to make the pop-rock music of the 1500s known.

I thank the VociPerigolose group for the interview. They usually don’t invite anyone during rehearsals. It was truly an honor to attend the rehearsals and hear their story.

Italian Band - Sindh Courier-2What’s your names? Why do you sing? Was my first question and they introduced themselves individually.

Raluca Nicolau

I started singing since I was a child. In the living room of my house II enjoyed singing and dancing.

Laura Ribet

I sing in a Gospel group. Five years ago I heard this group and I was in love. After a few singing lessons, I started this new experience, thanks to Franco Romanelli, creator of the group and singing teacher who knows how to convey this great passion for those like me who love to sing, teaching that concerns not only the part purely melodic but also knowing how to sing in a group in perfect harmony and with emotional transport.

Jonathan Kleis

I started singing with the choir in 2015. I sing because God made me this gift and I want to give this gift in turn to others. In this dark time we find ourselves living again I want to help bring something positive.

“When I sing I hear the God’s smile on me “.

It occurs to me by telling me a sweet memory of my mother. She often played the piano on the Handel’s Messiah to appease my tears. She transmitted in me the seed of love for music, for beauty.

In my life I have sung in different choirs since I was a boy and I have a degree in music. I have sung during my artistic career in choirs at a professional level with masters of the highest level but the best choral teacher is Franco Romanelli.

Armando Mugnai

In 2011 I met Franco Romanelli on one occasion particular within an association headed by Don Sergio Messina very present inside of the vocal group but also in the daily life of the members of the group. I sing beyond the pleasure to do it because my father, a singer, passed on his passion for music to me. Never stops learning in the music field. I have not attended any other groups, I love this group.

Franco Romanelli

Bass and artistic director.

Since I was 4 years old I have been telling my parents that I wanted to study music. I started later in study it, around the age of 12. My family members were more likely to get me to graduate in engineering like this

I followed the path of an aeronautical expert. But my artistic nature pushed me towards music, the theater as a way of life.

I think it’s important to support children’s dreams. We all want to be artists as children.

It is important to teach how to bring out the beauty, your talent, to believe in your dreams.

We work well with the group because fragments of their childhood dreams are condensed in it and a good conductor pushes us to grow artistically together.

Between us there is a beautiful friendship and we are a real family, in which we are all on the same level slowly, we share and try to carry out our dream without competition.

Everyone is a soloist in a Renaissance music group. There is a lot of responsibility because everyone concurs with the part of him in the performance. My aim as a teacher is to make people grow artistically.

It might seem like a niche genre but in reality there is also interest from young people.

We recently started collaborating with a young rapper from city of Cirié – Italy

Italian Band - Sindh Courier-3When was the group born?

The group was founded in 2011 as a choral laboratory to make known the choral repertoire of Renaissance in the CDM musical educational center of Borgaro Torinese – Italy. After several trainings in the 2019 is consolidated in the current vocal quintet with the “MicroFonautilus” project just like the Captain Nemo with his ship our aim is to bring Renaissance music to the stage different and live pop rock contexts with the individual use of the microphone.

Tell me about some of your projects?

We have several concerts and performances in Italy. The group was awarded in 2018 and 2019, XXIX and XXX Verona Choral Competition, with the bronze cup. We recently participated in the broadcast “Quelli che il calcio” on Rai 2 yv chanel in Italy live from Sanremo (the best musical Italian contest) and there are numerous collaborations and performances as guests. (Is not mentioned during the interview but in 2019 I remember the “Musical Vitamins” review at the hospital Sant’Anna of Turin city with the Medicine for Women Foundation)

What is steampunk, Franco Romanelli?

It is a term with different interpretations. It is also a literary genre. Just mention “Twenty thousand leagues under the sea”. Briefly: it speaks of the future seen in the past, as it would have been future if the future had begun before its time. Our group’s musical research started from Renaissance, digging into the roots of our Mediterranean culture. Then I said to myself “if so steampunk in a broader sense means the future already in the past. The man who was in future while belonging to the past is Leonardo Da Vinci. In a fantastic vision a group of musicians spots a time machine in a library that can be operated by playing an ancient score and musicians can learn about the uses, customs and musical traditions of the 500 then reworking the texts in an innovative but at the same time ancient key. Hence the genre of the first Renaissance steampunk vocal group.

Italian Band - Sindh Courier-4What is art?

On our FB page there is the symbol of peace with the slogan “O war or beauty”. If you dedicate the time to create beauty, there is no time for war, also understood as inner war.

If you insert beauty into your life, you don’t have time to start wars. The idea of art means creativity.

We were created in the image and likeness of God. We are in the image and likeness of him because we have the gift of creativity, thanks to which we can do beautiful things sharing them with others. One of the greatest gifts that God has for those who believe is the gift of music. There are some musical pages that even if you are not a believer, after listening to some note you think it is not possible that there is nothing. Music comes in depth without having to give explanations.


Stefania Miola - Sindh CourierStefania Miola is an eminent Poetess, Art Critic and Journalist from Italy. Since 2015, her three books have been published – “One sky – the only true one”, “Violets in the Desert” and “The scent of the white rabbit”. All books are awarded nationally and internationally. Her several poems are present in anthologies of various publishing houses.