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Deer and the Lion – Children’s Literature from Uzbekistan

Deer and the Lion – Children’s Literature from Uzbekistan

The Deer and the Lion, A Tree and the Train and other stories are not only very interesting but contain powerful life lessons

[author title=”Хurshid Tojiboyev” image=”https://sindhcourier.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Xurshid-Tojiboyev_Uzbek-Sindh-Courier-1-scaled.jpg”]Хurshid Tojiboyev, children’s writer, translator and designer, was born in 1995 in the city of Tashkent. His 3 collections of fairy tales have been published. His tales have been translated into Russian, Kazakh and Kyrgyz. He translated 7 collections of fairy tales by the Kyrgyz writer Bek Zhyldyz into Uzbek. He is trained with ITF Taekwondo, and is holder of a black belt. Xurshid Tojiboyev is one of the organizers and sponsors of the annual International Fairy Tale Competition “Humo-2019”. He works in the Uzbek TV channel Sevimli TV. [/author]


Deer and the Lion

The lion was very hungry, besides his teeth ached, so he growled in pain. But then suddenly a deer appeared in front of him. The lion, forgetting about the toothache, rushed at the deer. And at that moment, when he almost grabbed the victim by the leg, his tooth broke with a bang!

“Oh!” roared the Lion. The deer miraculously escaped to a safe distance. His leg is slightly scratched, and that’s it!

— Serves you right! Inflicting pain on the weak, it will be worse yourself! – exclaimed the deer.

Deer’s leg healed in a week. And Leo’s broken tooth didn’t grow back – so the toothless one lives. The other animals do not know that he has no tooth; he even stopped roaring.

A Tree-Train-Uzbek-StoryA Tree and the Train

There was a tree next to the railway. Every day it saw off the trains that rushed along the railway, and was jealous of them.

— Where are you driving? — The tree asked the train.

— To Andijan, — answered the train on the move.

And so it was repeated from day to day. This was repeated every day. Every day the tree saw off the trains and looked after them with envy. “Oh, how I want to travel, see unfamiliar places!” – Thought the tree.

“Take me with you,” the tree once said to the train.

“I cannot get off these iron rails,” the train said. — Hop into the car.

The tree tried to jump into the carriage, but was unable to pull the roots out of the ground, and at this time the train left.

Next day the tree saw a train rushing along the rails. Again he tried to pull the roots out of the ground. While it was bustling, the train passed by again. The tree became very upset and began to cry.

 — Why are you crying? – Asked the wind that flew past him.

The tree told him about her desire to travel, and that attempts end in failure. The wind was kind. He really wanted to help the tree. Without thinking twice, he hugged the trunk of a tree and tore it out of the ground.

Thank you, Wind! — Said the tree to the wind that had already flown away and … fell to the ground. After all, its roots could not live above the ground…

The next day, a train rushing along the rails saw a tree. It lay prone on the ground, and its branches had already begun to dry out under the rays of the hot sun.

— Poor tree! Would grow up in one place than travel that way! — said the train regretfully and rushed off into the distance.

conflic-colors-Uzbek-storyConflict of the Colors

The colors pink, yellow, brown, red, green and black lived peacefully and amicably.

One day the color red pondered, and then said:

Look, it turns out that the most beautiful color on earth is me!

Who told you that? — Asked the yellow color, taken aback.

 The most beautiful color is me! — Shouted pink.

Blue didn’t say anything, but sighed imperceptibly. After all, he also considered himself the most beautiful…

At this time, the sleeping black color woke up and saw that all his friends were fighting each other and shouting:

I’m the most beautiful!

The black color quickly caught the red one, who yelled the loudest, and hit him in the side:

Shut up! The most beautiful color in the world is me!

A fight ensued. The colors blue and green were the first to come to their senses and began to calm down the fighters. And the black bully was completely thrown out of the window into the street. The black color, shaking with fear and cold, sat outside for a long time. Then he decided to return to his comrades.

“Sorry, I won’t fight anymore,” he said.

And forgive me, — said the red. — Only now I realized that all colors are beautiful.

And their comrades forgave them.

Little-Ship-Uzbek-storyLittle Ship

A little ship sailed along the river every day, carrying people and various things. He talked with the birds that flew over him, with the fish swimming under him, and never got bored.

One day a swallow told him about the ocean. The ship, hearing about the mighty waters that have no shores and the big fish living in those waters, was very surprised.

“I really want to see whales and dolphins,” he told his captain. — Please, let’s swim into the ocean.

No, your task is to swim on the river! The captain said sternly.

The little ship boat begged for a long time, but the captain did not allow. The ship was very offended.

Once, when the captain went home, the boat decided:

I will go to the ocean anyway!

Although the ship was small, it was resolute. Along the river, he rushed rapidly towards the ocean. Birds and fish were his guides. Finally the boat sailed to the ocean.

And the captain, having learned about the loss of his ship, began to control another ship. There are so many of them in the world!

And the little ship made friends with whales and dolphins. He liked the ocean so much that he still floats on it.

elephant-mouse_Uzbek-story-1Elephant and the Mouse

The elephant and the mouse were neighbors. The elephant is very quiet, meek and trusting. The mouse was small, weak, so she always envied the big Elephant, which looked like a mountain. And wherever met the Elephant, tried to make him angry and laugh at him.

Be careful, or while you sleep, I’ll crawl into your trunk and bite off your nose! — Squeaked mouse.

The elephant, really afraid of this, and when he went to bed, wrapped his trunk with its large ears.

Finally, the Elephant got tired of the taunts of the mouse.

Once the mouse out of habit began to taunt the Elephant and squealed:

Hey, Elephant, be careful, see that I don’t get into your trunk and chew your nose!

The elephant got angry. He turned to the mouse, extended his trunk and took a deep breath. The mouse was so stuck to the trunk that it could not even move its mustache. Then the elephant exhaled strongly. The mouse flew over the trees and fell on the other side of the forest.

Since then, the mouse has not only stopped taunting the Elephant, but even began to bypass him.

Fox-Wolf-Uzbek-storyHow the Fox and the Wolf were relatives

The fox and the wolf were cousins, so they always and everywhere went together.

Once they got very hungry and began to think about where to go hunting. Suddenly they met a lamb. It was a naughty lamb, who, despite his mother’s warning, went for a walk and got lost. Now he wandered through the woods and, crying, looked for his mother.

Seeing the lamb, the wolf howled with joy:

Look, our dinner is going straight to us!

Great, I love lamb! — shouted the fox and rushed towards the lamb.

Hey wait! After all, I was the first to see the lamb, which means it will be mine – Said the wolf, trembling with greed, and bit the fox by the tail.

She also grabbed him. They argued and fought for a long time over the lamb. And he was trembling with fear and could not move. Then, seeing that the fox and the wolf began to fight, seizing the moment, he ran away.

The fox and the wolf fought for a long time, then, tired, they remembered the lamb. But at this time he had already fled.

Seeing this, the fox and the wolf began to quarrel again, because they were very upset that they were left without dinner. But now it was useless to quarrel, because the lamb had long been at home.

Since then, the fox and the wolf stopped hunting together. They, unexpectedly meeting in the forest, turn in the other direction and pretend they are unfamiliar.

Lazy-watch-Uzbek-storyLazy Watch

The captain wound the clock every day. But for some reason the clock stopped frequently. They were very lazy, and they did not like to work continuously. Finally, the captain got tired of their frequent stops and he threw his lazy watch into the ocean.

A lazy watch, falling to the bottom of the ocean, caught on the legs of a small octopus that was playing near its house.

Mom, look, something fell from above! — shouted a little octopus, who had never seen a clock.

This is a miracle! His mother exclaimed in surprise.

Mom the octopus and her neighbors swam out of their homes and looked for a long time at the “miracle that fell from heaven”, that is, on the clock. Then they were hung on the wall in the little octopus’s room.

 Octopuses were very fond of watches; they called them “Miracle”. And the lazy clock hung on the wall all day and slept. They liked that now no one scolds them, does not call them quitters, does not twist their ears and make them work. And they themselves did not try to work, because due to the fact that they did not work for a long time, all their internal screws rusted.


A small cucumber was growing in the field. He always smiled and loved everyone around him. He loved the sun that looked at him from the sky with a smile, the tomatoes and sweet peppers living nearby, even the watermelons and melons that grew in the neighboring field. The little cucumber was everyone’s favorite. They called him the Kid.

Once, people came to the field where the cucumber Kid lived. They began to pluck the brothers and sisters of the Kid, neighbors — tomatoes, peppers, watermelons and melons. Seeing this, the little cucumber was horrified.

Please, have pity on me! — Screamed the Kid with all his might. — I don’t want to be picked up! I love the field and don’t want to leave here!

Don’t talk nonsense! — The melon scolded him. — If you stay in the field, will turn yellow. Then nobody needs you!

I am not yet ripe! — All the cucumber begged. — Rip me off when I turn yellow!

Cucumbers eating unripe, — the farmer explained patiently. — And when they turn yellow, lose all useful vitamins. Well, you know…

The farmer did not pick the cucumber.

The days flew by. Now, left alone in the field, the Kid began to get bored. After all, now no one called him that. Although the sun smiled at him from the sky, its rays grew hotter. The cucumber did not notice how yellow it was. Then he began to dry from the hot sun. Only the yellow rind remained from it.

“Oh, it would be better if they took me away with my brothers and sisters!” — thought the cucumber, remembering his happy days, about the neighbors with whom he lived.

Once a field mouse ran past a cucumber- Seeing such a large cucumber, of which only the peel remained, she was very happy.

We can live inside this cucumber, — said the mouse to its children. — This will be our field home.

Mom, let him be our dacha better! — Said one mouse.

The family liked this idea, and they began to live inside a dry cucumber. This did not offend him, but, on the contrary, made him happy. After all, now he felt himself happy, because being useful to someone is also happiness…