Home Literature/Poetry DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND? – A Poem from Türkiye

DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND? – A Poem from Türkiye

DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND? – A Poem from Türkiye
One of the ancient sites in Antalya, Turkey

Yahya Azeroğlu, renowned poet and scholar from Türkiye, the land of ancient monuments and empires, the vibrant culture and mesmerizing landscapes, shares his poem

Yahya - Turkish Poet- Sindh CourierYahya Azeroğlu, born in 1955 in Yukarı Topraklı village of Iğdır Ayrılık District, Türkiye, completed his education in Iğdır, and went to Germany, where he took foreign language lessons (German) for 2 years. He lived in various countries in Europe and returned to Turkey in 1983. While Azeroğlu continued his cultural activities and writing poems and articles, he was accepted to Eskişehir Anadolu University’s Department of Public Administration. He founded the Iğdır Poets and Writers Association in 1994, and served as its President for 15 years. Azeroğlu, who is a member of the Professional Association of Scientific and Literary Works of Turkey, has published 7 books, including “CHIRPINIŞ”, “SILENT SCREAMS”, “Take an example from ATATURK”, TAKE UNDER THE FLAG”, THE EPIC VILLAGE IN THE AARAS VALLEY, “CYPRIAN WRITER HASAN ÇAKMAK”. He has published 7 books in Europe. His poems received first prizes in many poetry competitions he participated in. Poet-researcher Writer Yahya Azeroğlu was awarded the poet of the year award in Antalya in 2020. In addition, Azerbaijani scientist prof. Dr. Ramiz Hesemli wrote a book called “Turan Yolcusu” about the poet writer Yahya Azeroğlu, the second book written about Yahya Azeroğlu was authored by the poet-writer Banu Həsən Qızı Musayeva, and “On philology by the Azerbaijan science and education center” (F) Professor diploma was awarded. Yahya Azeroğlu currently resides in Antalya, Turkey.


I wandered around the country,

I came and reached wherever you went,

I wrote poems and songs for your love,

Didn’t you understand this poor man?


Your name became legendary in my silent tongue,

My heart was always cut into pieces,

Despite everything, I kept you in my heart,

Didn’t you understand that I made you a sultan?


Doomsday is mine. He took it from me,

My lakes dried up, I was left without water,

My heart fell into an endless dream,

Didn’t you understand that I was thirsty?


While you have love, I don’t benefit from your flesh,

I froze from the heat of your breath,

From your every mood, from your movements,

Didn’t you understand that I was sensing?


He who does not understand love is no different from grass,

I fell on foot when I landed on the road from the horse,

You are my witness from the life I live,

Don’t you understand that I break away every day?


What did you want from your servant, son of Azer,

My leaf turned yellow and fell from its branch,

Just because you are on my left,

Didn’t you understand that I turned away from my right path?



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