Dreams flourish, never to die – A Poem Dedicated to Flood-Ravaged Sindh

Amir Murtaza, a noted writer, shares his poem depicting agony, sorrow, and woes of people of Sindh with an earnest wish that may their dreams flourish, never to die.

Amir Murtaza

AMIR MURTAZA- Sindh CourierBased in Karachi, Amir Murtaza is a Consultant and Writer. He is a published writer of two poetry books, “Khizan Main Rang Dhoondta Hoon” and “The Last Clouds”.  Amir can be contacted at

Dreams flourish, never to die

In the lands of Sindh, where the rivers flow

There lies a tale of agony, sorrow, and woe

In flood-ravaged realms, where nature reigns

Women and children bear the heaviest chains.


When torrents surge and waters rise

Hope recedes, as fear fills their eyes

The flood sweeps across the land

Leaving devastation in its relentless hand.


In the heart of the deluge, where anguish resides

Women’s struggles and children’s cries collide

Their lives disrupted, torn apart

By nature’s rage, a relentless art.


Mothers, daughters, and sisters all

Inundated with challenges, standing tall

Forced to abandon their houses and land

They face a journey that’s hard to withstand.


Through swirling currents, they struggle to survive

Seeking refuge, as their dreams revive

Their resilience shines amid the strife

A flare of hope in the darkest of life.


In makeshift camps, they find comfort and respite

Holding onto memories, declining to lose sight

Of a brighter future, where laughter will fly

Where children will play, like stars on the sky.


But difficulties abound in these frustrating days

As disease and hunger weave their wicked ways

Lack of clean water and food to sustain

Their innocent smiles tarnished by pain.


Women carry burdens, heavy and vast

Supporting their families, present and past

With strength in their hearts, they endure

Their love and sacrifice forever pure.


Children, innocent souls, bear scars unseen

Innocence stolen in a world so mean

Education suspended, dreams put on hold

Their tender spirits bound in stories untold.

Yet, even in darkness, a flame does burn

Hope flickers and dances, refusing to adjourn

Kind hearts unite, extending their hands

To uplift the forgotten from deserted lands.


Through resilience and aid, a brighter dawn shall break

Rising above the floods, a future we’ll make

Empowering women, supporting their cause

Ensuring children thrive, with no moment lost.


Let us rally together, hearts intertwined

To bring relief and solace to those confined

To flood-affected areas in Sindh’s embrace

Embracing a vision of love and grace.


For the difficulties faced by women and youth

Shall not be forgotten, unnoticed, or uncouth

In the face of hardship, we’ll stand strong

For they too deserve a life where they belong.


So, let our voices echo in unison true

Speaking for those whose struggles ensue

A symphony of kindness, love, and care

For the women and children who suffer and bear.


In the lands of Sindh, where waters subside,

May their adversities dwindle, like the ebbing tide!

May their spirits soar, like birds in the sky!

And may their dreams flourish, never to die.





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