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Endure in the Ice Valley – A Poem from Korea

Endure in the Ice Valley – A Poem from Korea

 Say Young Kim

say young kimMr. Say Young Kim is a medical doctor and poet who made his debut in “Literary Age” in 2006 and “Minerva” in 2007. He graduated from Busan Medical University in 1975 and obtained a doctorate in medicine from Seoul Medical University Graduate School in 1984. After serving as an internal medicine specialist staff at the National Medical Center in 1980, a cardiologist at Bucheon Sejong Hospital in 1984, and an adjunct professor at Sungkyunkwan University College of Medicine in 2001, he has been running the Kim Yeong-Cheol Internal Medicine Clinic in Seoul since 1986.

He won the 9th Minerva Literary Award in 2016 and the 14th Korean Writers Association Writer Award in 2017. Since 2017, he has been serving as the editor of the quarterly “Poetry Slam” and holds a planning advisory position at the quarterly “the Institute of Symbology ” since 2022.

Some of his notable poetry collections include: “The River Flows Inside” (2006); “Standing on a Handstand” (2012); “Sky Cobweb” (2016); Anthology of Lyric Poetry “Eyes of the Willow Tree” (2019); Dika Poetry Collection “Eyes and Heart” (2020).

His poetic theories encompass works such as: “The Cosmology and Cosmic Poetry of Chi Philosophy” (2018); “Cosmic Lyric Poetry – Cosmic Poetry as Nature Lyric Poetry” (2020) and “The Spiritual World of the Universe and Cosmic Spiritual Poetry” (2022).

Endure in the Ice Valley

Even as the heart of the equator blazes like a chariot of fire,

What my body withstands without melting,

The cold wind from the North Sea winds down my spine like a coil

It is an ice valley in the valley.


Not being excited by the cry of wild beasts

The energy of the aurora above the crown

it covers the whole body


Even if the heartbeat of heat shakes the leaves of the ridge

Even if hot blood heats the rocks of the upper valley

The icicles on the bedrock are as neat as white keys.


In the solid shadow of the rock wall at sunset

On the ice sheet of the valley reservoir

It’s coming across with the sound of a starlight gong


Even on tropical nights, like penguins in Antarctica

Standing on the ice with sleepless bare feet

Even though it’s a small wing, it flutters and waits for him.


Ice Valley Korea얼음골에서 견디다



적도의 심장이 화차처럼 이글거려도

몸이 녹아내리지 않는 것은

북해의 냉류가 등줄기를 코일처럼 감고 내려와

골짜기에 얼음골을 이루고 있음이다


산짐승의 울음소리에 달뜨지 않는 것은

정수리 오로라의 서기瑞氣가

온몸을 감싸고 있음이다


열기의 박동소리가 능선의 나뭇잎을 흔들어도

뜨거운 핏물이 윗계곡의 바위를 달구어도

암반의 고드름은 건반처럼 가지런하다


저물녘 암벽의 견고한 그림자로

골짜기 저수지의 얼음판 위로

별빛의 징소리를 내며 건너오고 있다


열대야의 밤에도 남극의 펭귄처럼

불면의 맨발로 빙판 위에 서서

몽당날개지만 파닥이며 그를 기다린다.




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