Experts at MH Panhwar Farms are researching on low-sugar mango verities

Malaysian Consul General visits MH Panhwar Farms and Sindh Agriculture University

Envoy shows keen interest in technology exchange and agriculture research between his country and Sindh’s institutions.

Tando Jam

The Consul General of Malaysia, President of Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and other dignitaries visited Sindh Agriculture University (SAU) and MH Panhwar Farms and agreed to work on various opportunities for agricultural research and technology exchange between both countries.

Khairul Nazran Abd Rehman, Malaysian Consul General at Karachi, Johari Minal, Consul for Science, Adeel Emad Siddiqui, President, Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry and others visited MH Panhwar Farms near Tandojam, where a detailed briefing was given on the ongoing research on various fruits including mango, banana, lychee, Jackfruit, strawberry.

Malaysia-Consul-General-SAU-VC-Sindh-CourierLater, the guests visited Sindh Agriculture University and met with Dr. Fateh Marri, Vice Chancellor SAU, who told them that the University is working on basic research as well as on issues related to the farming community. “We are also working on sustainable seeds and indigenous breeds of livestock, poverty alleviation, food security, value chain, value aid and scholarships, internships and entrepreneurship opportunities for students,” he said.

Consul General of Malaysia Khairul Nazran Abd Rehman said that there are standard varieties of mango in Sindh. He said that the exchange of research, technology, and scientific information between Malaysia and Pakistan should be enhanced.

Ghulam Sarwar Panhwar, Co-Chairman MH Panhwar Farms said that MH Panhwar Farms is working with various agricultural research, scientific and marketing institutes of the country including Sindh. He said that experts on this farm are researching low-sugar mango verities, lychee, Jackfruit, strawberry, banana, and other fruit products.

Earlier, the guests inspected different varieties of mangoes at MH Panhwar Farm and took keen interest in the books written by agronomist MH Panhwar. On this occasion, Vice President of Chamber of Commerce Nizamuddin Qureshi, Shahzeb Panhwar and others were also present. (PR)



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