Home Sports Football Match in Lyari Karachi played for awareness on immunization

Football Match in Lyari Karachi played for awareness on immunization

Football Match in Lyari Karachi played for awareness on immunization

Murtaza Wahab Mayor Karachi inaugurated the football match organized at Kakri Ground

Staff Report

Karachi, Sindh

In an effort to promote health and raise awareness about immunization, a football match was organized at Kakri Ground in Layari, Karachi on Monday. The event was inaugurated by Murtaza Wahab Mayor Karachi, who ceremoniously kicked off the match.

Thousands of spectators from Lyari and neighboring towns witnessed the friendly match between two teams. The teams comprised local players, with one representing the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) and the other the Lady Health Workers (LHWs) Program. The local community enthusiastically participated, turning the event into a celebration.

Mayor Murtaza Wahab commended the EPI District South team for organizing this impactful event and emphasized the importance of such initiatives in strengthening communities.

“We want our communities to be strengthened, knowledgeable, and fully immunized against all vaccine-preventable diseases. The health of our children is our prime responsibility, and initiatives like this football match exemplify our commitment to ensuring our children are both educated and healthy,” stated Dr. Muhammad Naeem, PD EPI Sindh.

Football-Match-Lyari-Sindh Courier-1Captain (R) Altaf Hussain Sario, DC South, emphasized the role of health and fitness in community success. “We want our communities to be vaccinated against Polio and all Vaccine Preventable Diseases (VPDs),” he added.

Lyari town is a focused area for vaccination efforts, and the event aimed to convey key messages on immunization. “Complete vaccination is the right of children. We want to prevent our children from deadly diseases,” remarked Dr. Sohail Shaikh, Additional PD EPI Sindh.

The event highlighted that vaccination is free and can be administered at any nearby EPI center. The organizers expressed gratitude to all partners, including TCI (The Challenge Initiative), Dr. Essa Lab, RMNCH Program, and EPI, for their support in organizing the healthy event. Dr. Raj Kumar, DHO South, reiterated the commitment of the District South team to serve the community.

The event was organized by Dr. Aashiq Hussain Shah, District Coordinator for LHW Program District South, and received support from various organizations and individuals.

Dr. Sikander Memon Additional Director HIV/AIDS Dr. Ahmed Ali Shaikh, TFP EOC; Dr. Jameel Mughal, MS Layari General Hospital; Dr. Ubaidullah Shaikh, Majid Altaf Assistant Commissioner South, Dr. Waqar Mehmood, Dr. Abdul Qadir Shah, Dr. Teerath Das, DHO Korangi; Dr. Muhammad Ali, DHO West; Dr. Sohail Memon, Additional Director Health Karachi; Dr. Shoukat Ali Chandio, UNICEF; Dr. Ahsan Ullah Bhurgri, TFP BMGF; Ayaz Rashid, Ms. Bushra Arrain,  DSV; Tanveer Ahmed Khan; Dr. Arslan Memon; Suneel Raja; and others also witnessed the match.



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