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Gadani Shipbreaking Workers Observe Strike

Gadani Shipbreaking Workers Observe Strike

The workers ended the strike in the afternoon following the district administration’s assurance of resolving their issues that include increase in wages, better safety and accommodation facilities by the shipbreaking companies.

Gadani, Balochistan

Thousands of workers of different ship breaking yards observed one-day strike on the call of Gadani Shipbreaking Workers Union (CBA) on Friday.

The union, affiliated with the National Trade Union Federation (NTUF), put forwarded its “charter of demands” to ship breakers which were not accepted. On failure of negotiations union called for strike. The ship breakers and contractors forced workers to work otherwise their jobs will be terminated but workers went on strike on the call of the union.

Workers not only stopped ship-dismantling process but also blocked roads linking Gadani ship breaking yards. Workers’ main demands were 25 percent increase in wages, improving work place safety, providing of safety equipment, better residential and other facilities.

Gadani-Strike-Sindh-CourierThe local authorities along with police officials held meeting with Comrade Bashir Mehmoodani, president of the union and assured that workers’ demands will be accepted. After assurance from deputy commissioner and police authority strike was called off at 1pm.

Nasir Mansoor, general secretary National Trade Union Federation Pakistan (NTUF) and Bashir Mehmoodani, president Gadani Shipbreaking Workers Union (SBWU) in joint statement thanked all workers of ship breaking who made strike call successful and maintained their unity. They further said that the workers want industrial peace at ship breaking yards but will never compromise on their rights envisaged in labor laws. (PR)