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Global Research Congress: Speakers call for collective work to meet challenges

Global Research Congress: Speakers call for collective work to meet challenges

Nations of the world are facing many challenges including environmental change, poverty, social issues and terrorism

The 2-Day 2nd Global Research Congress has been organized by Sindh Madressatul Islam University Karachi
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Karachi, Sindh

The speakers at the inauguration ceremony of the 2nd SMIU Global Research Congress held at Sindh Madressatul Islam University on Wednesday said that the nations of the world are facing many challenges including environmental change, poverty, social issues and terrorism at regional as well as at the world level, therefore, they have to collectively overcome these challenges and research scholars should find solutions of the issues through their research.

SMI-Conference-Sindh-Courier-0Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, Chairman of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan while addressing the inaugural session virtually said this congress is a very important initiative, because Consul Generals of two best friend countries of Pakistan – China and Turkiye are participating in it along with other foreign speakers, hence we all have to think about the collective solutions to the challenges being faced by the humanity.

Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed was of the view that these congresses are providing opportunities to learners, researchers, faculty and students. “Also the participants who are coming from different areas and countries learn from each other’s experiences, knowledge and research work. Apart from it, this congress will establish a network between the participating scholars for working together in future.”

SMI-Conference-Sindh CourierThe HEC Chairman hoped that this congress will end up with a roadmap that how could we collaborate with each other in different areas. He advised the Vice Chancellor of SMIU Dr. Mujeeb Sahrai that he should share the road map and findings of the congress with the HEC Pakistan as they could develop a strategy for development of the higher education and the society.

Dr. Mujeeb Sahrai, Vice Chancellor of Sindh Madressatul Islam University in his speech welcomed the guests who came from Russia, USA, UK, Vietnam and UAE and other parts of the country to participate in the 2nd SMIU Global Research Congress.

Talking on the background of holding Global Research Congress the vice chancellor said that it was the idea and dream of the young and dynamic faculty of SMIU to organize the Congress with five international conferences last year. He said that as he always believes in confidence of youth, so they organized the successful 1st global research congress last year. This is the second edition of it and that has attracted a large number of scholars across the Pakistan and abroad than the previous congress.

SMI-Conference-Sindh Courier-1Dr. Mujeeb Sahrai said this Global Research Congress is a brand of Sindh Madressatul Islam University in Pakistan, thus it will produce good results that will benefit to the nation and the country as well as at the global level. He further said that SMIU is moving forward in research work and it is publishing 6 research journals which are recognized by the HEC Pakistan. Also SMIU’s research output by faculty has increased a lot. The vice chancellor said that he is a researcher and preacher, hence this conference will come up with certain output as we are organizing six international conferences as well. Therefore, its findings will be shared with all stakeholders nationally and internationally.

In his speech, Consul General of China in Karachi Mr. Yang Yundong, specially mentioned the brotherly relations of Pakistan and China. He said in 2017, China’s first university launched the Pakistan-China Corridor, but today 16 Chinese universities are affiliated to Pakistani universities, some of them are also teaching Urdu language. He said China is cooperating with Pakistan in many fields, including global warming. CPEC is also a comprehensive plan for better relations between the two countries, which is being further improved.

The Consul General of Turkiye in Karachi Mr. Cemal Sangu said that Turkiye has very historic and emotional connection with Sindh Madressatul Islam as Sultan Abdul Hameed of the Ottoman Empire had given two highest civil titles of Turkiye to Sindh Madressatul Islam’s founder Hassanally Effendi and that were “Bey” and “Effendi by recognizing his services for modern education in Sindh and support to Turkiye in the war with Russia.

He said that they will build a mausoleum of Hassanally Effendi in Hyderabad Sindh soon. The Turkish Consul General said the Global Research Congress will play a significant role in promotion of the research in Pakistan and other countries.

SMI-Conference-Sindh-CourierNoor Ahmed Samo, Secretary Universities and Boards, Government of Sindh in his speech said that it is a unique and different Global Research Congress in its theme, hence certainly it will share actionable recommendations to the government of Sindh for their implementation. He congratulated the vice chancellor, and faculty of SMIU for organizing such huge congress. He said that being a representative of the Sindh Government, Sindh is the only province in Pakistan that understands value of higher education more than other provinces of the country. He said the provincial government of Sindh allocates 23 billion rupees as a grant for 29 public sector universities and about 12 billion rupees for their development schemes, on the contrary the government of Punjab allocates only 5 billion rupees for its universities.

Earlier, the 2nd SMIU GRC was inaugurated by Consul General of China Mr. Yang Yundong, Consul General of Turkiye Mr. Cemal Sangu, Vice Chancellor of Sindh Madressatul Islam University Dr. Mujeeb Sahrai, Secretary Universities and Boards Noor Ahmed Samo, Russian scholar Dr. Solnyshkina Marian Ivanovna, American scholar Prof. Dr. Keith, UK Scholar Dr. Shajara Ul Durar and others by lighting a globe. On this occasion the vice chancellor of SMIU gave away souvenirs to the guests also.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by vice chancellors, academicians, experts of different fields, faculty, staff and students in a large number.

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