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Hanging afternoon on a wind – Poetry from Vietnam

Nguyen Thanh Hai, a poet from the land of Blue Dragon shares his poetry – Hanging afternoon on a wind and three other poems

I hang my afternoon on a wandering wind; the old shadow of time seems old in stale photo box; a sunbeam at the end of the day climbing over my shoulder and falling asleep as if it’s a bit faded…

Nguyen Thanh Hai

Poet Nguyen Thanh Hai, born in 1970, hails from Vinh Huu, Go Cong Tay, Tien Giang, Vietnam. He is author of three books – Bowing at noon to pick up wave (Poetry – 2013); Season to open arms to forgive the return (Poetry – 2020) and Tears do not lighten the twilight sky (Poetry – 2020). He won First Prize: Poetry award of Mekong River Delta region in 2020; Second Prize: Dong Nai Poetry award 2020; Second Prize and Consolation Prize: Poetry award of Mekong Delta Region 2013, and some other literary awards.


Another fact

I received a thousand wishes for myself

And maybe yesterday was the most wine day

I suddenly realized a truth

Is another fact                   

So sweet!


But your miss was thrown at me

By sharp words

If stepping foot on thorns and says it doesn’t hurt, then you’re probably not telling the truth

Honestly I don’t know since when my soul has been hardened


I can’t see the scratch in your heart, maybe it’s by the shirt

The button, the knot, the belt are dignified

Wrong when hearing the sound of beer to congratulate each other so beautiful

Until coming home alone at night to take off the sadness, I can feel all the pain


There is only a wide and long river, not a square one

You are back and what kind of nice word is left

On the other side hanging half a full moon

Half-life’s mouth inclining to my zone!

With valentine

Tonight the mind returning to my small zone

Forever with memories that can’t be erased

Tell each other about the joys long time ago

But you said that we meet again unexpectedly…


The smell of lilies from the room

What to have after a wake night

Spring hasn’t said it yet to forget, but seems like it’s not remembered

Thank you for giving me a little bit of silent sunshine


No more excuses dropping a button to looking for

The fireworks you brought back have been withered

So keep your doubts down in prayer beds

Who knows, it can keep a little bit of a purple day


Can’t let the coddle leaves become addicted to the wind

I borrow the crunch to blow my heart

If can’t get valentine, then to be a little bird

Standing on the porch singing for the dawn…

The heart anchored, don’t know which side of the river to erode

That you left all these memories

No matter it is said, yesterday can’t return to open the door

The road passing too far, though it rains, I get wet

Don’t know what to do when the mask covering the face but can’t cover the loneliness


As where did you leave this afternoon without foretelling me

The last station, alone in dilemma

Regardless of who say flying words?

The blue bird has flown away, what for keeping the cage


There is no anger to say shady words

The blind cicada can still be presented in summer

We are not so young

To grow old in the limpo afternoons


That day come back and stand by the river to think

As if the rain doesn’t care

You left all these memories as I just flew out of bubbles

The heart anchored, don’t know which side of the river to erode…

Hanging afternoon on a wind

I hang my afternoon on a wandering wind

The old shadow of time seems old in stale photo box

A sunbeam at the end of the day climbing over my shoulder and falling asleep

As if it’s a bit faded…


A face that intending not to talk about the shadow of time

But in the dream, many times still see myself in high school

The wandering wind confusing the hair

Wiping the top of reed flowers


This afternoon why does the sky keep thinking about the day-blooming flowers?

Enduring the waving sun words 

The mushrooms just blooming in the garden are not visible to anyone passing by

I’m like the afternoon hanging out of your memory


Sunbeams at the end of the day finally left the afternoon yard

Yesterday wind blew differently

I see my tears also knowing how to cheat

Afraid to cry in the afternoon forgetting everything…





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