Home Poetry Heaven is far away – A Bouquet of Poems from Vietnam

Heaven is far away – A Bouquet of Poems from Vietnam

Heaven is far away – A Bouquet of Poems from Vietnam

Nguyen Xuan Nha

Poet Nguyen Xuan NhaBorn in 1954 in Thanh Hoa city of Vietnam, Poet Nguyen Xuan Nha, started writing poetry since 1979. He is the member of Culture and Arts Association of Thanh Hoa and has won Medal for the Cause of Vietnamese Culture and Arts. His poems have been published by many publications including Writers and Works, Song Huong Magazine, Tan Van, Times of Literature, New Literature Works etc. His poetry collections include ‘Whole Life Dreaming’ (1992); ‘God’s Gift’ (1998); ‘Falling Poetry’ (2000); ‘Love without appointment’ (2002); ‘Reunion season’ (2004); ‘River Still Flowing’ (2019).

Heaven is far away


Where is the dawn that human awaiting for?

The world is full of guns

Dividedly and hostilely point at each other


The booming point

The final scramble may

Lead the life to dust…



Where is heaven?

Heaven is far away…

Heard that heaven is bloodless

No borders

Heaven is at the finished point

Dream of eternal happiness

Of human

From the ancient world

Throughout the process of civilization!


People in the eternity realm  

The hopes,

Arrows pointing to the pride,

Helping us alive!


To overcome the suffering and death

And the worry

To overcome fatigues and constant disappointments

People plant more flowers

Also release more white pigeons


And the flowers

For people, constantly giving fragrance and beautiful color

And the beloved birds

For people, for the world becoming more lovely

Every day flapping wings to rise.


Lost Memory

On a finite river

Full of anchoring ships

The sea is so vast

You say that your life is simple

You are not scared…


Where my deep memory – you exist

You are like the moon swimming through the childhood sky

I say that if near to me, you are the most beautiful!

And you smile

The cool smile

Your smile kills so many small joys in my life


Then… day and night passed

Passing through the most beautiful love.

I waited, struggled, and was helpless.

Only the immense sea waves today

Only the past memory moon is yellow light

And on the finite river

Full of anchoring ships


moonWhere does the moon shine?

Incomplete loves went far

Incomplete loves returned

The past moon incubated the yellow color


Fate incidentally gathered to a hundred-year story

Her hair blew in the wind

On the old hill, hand in hand dear love


Fate coincidentally contributed to the hundred-year story

Where did you go after the opened door!

Our eyes intertwined

Passionate eyes did not say goodbye


Day by day – through memories

Those who go away that are forever young

Words of love, unfinished

Where does the hundred-year story shine…


A Nightmare  

Night. The nightmare suddenly came back from a gunfire area

Bringing images of hell

The area without moon or star

The sky was black

Smoke rolled up high

The wreckage of modern tanks and broken planes


Soulless corpses curled up on the streets

Tragedy ruined houses…



Appearing the face of a president gradually becoming bored

The unfriendly stubborn face

Endless pouring out tough words


He seems to be far away from the war


Bringing the nightmare continued to reverberate loud explosions

Dried and cold and dire atmosphere

Deadly bullets rolled smoke into the domain of night lightning.





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