Home News Heavy Rains disconnect Khharo Chhan from rest of Sindh

Heavy Rains disconnect Khharo Chhan from rest of Sindh

Heavy Rains disconnect Khharo Chhan from rest of Sindh
A deserted village in Zero Point area of Golarchi

The wind velocity varies from 35km to 50km per hour in coastal areas; cyclone is yet to hit; 70000 people shifted to safer places   

Karachi, Sindh

The Cyclone Biparjoy has not yet hit the coastal districts of Sindh however the heavy rains have cut the land communication of Khharo Chhan area while Keti Bunder and Ghora Bari areas of Thatta district and Shahbunder of Sujawal district have lost the land communication partially.

Badin-Coast-Zero PointAccording to current situation reported to the Chief Minister by the Commissioner of Hyderabad Division, the wind velocity in Khharo Chhan was 25 knots or 50km per hour and it remains cut off from rest of the areas due to continuous heavy rains.

The velocity of winds in Keti Bunder was 20 knots or 40km per hour. The area was under the heavy rain that has partially disconnected it from rest of the province.

Badin-Golarchi-Zero-pointIn Ghora Bari area of Thatta district, the wind velocity was recorded at 18 knots or 36km per hour. The area is receiving intermittent rains due to which it remains partially disconnected from rest of the district.

Almost same situation prevails in Sujawal district, where the wind velocity was 20 knots or 40km per hour and the area of Shahbunder is partially cut off due to rains.

Golarchi-Zero-pointThe wind velocity in Jati Taluka of Sujawal district was 38km per hour with intermittent rains but fortunately it remains connected with rest of the district.

Golarchi-Zero-PointTaluka Shaheed Fazil Rahu is receiving intermittent rains and the wind velocity here has been 22 knots or 45km per hour. The area has not lost land communication. Similarly, Badin Taluka is receiving intermittent rains and the wind velocity was 18 knots or 35km per hour.

Golarchi-CampThe administration has shifted 70000 people from coastal areas of all these districts to safer places, the Chief Minister was informed.

The Keti Bandar had a population of 17000 from where 3000 people shifted voluntarily while 14000 were shifted by the administration.

The administration has setup 44 relief camps in three districts where 34766 people have been housed.

Further updates are yet to come. (PR)





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