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Hiding tears behind a smiling face…. (Poetry)

Hiding tears behind a smiling facePoetry Corner

Hiding tears behind a smiling face….

A Poem by Iqra Hussain  

Hiding tears behind a smiling face

Are the persons who are strong and bold….

Because they had faced many circumstances

Which had made them strong, bold and


Hiding tears means to prove that you can face all thunders and storms and can fight through all wars of life…

What so ever is going on…

But you feel relaxed and okay…

Feeling relaxed and satisfied…!!

That all is well!

Hiding tears behind a smiling face is not so easy because everyone is not that much strong to withhold all the problems and feel relaxed.

And the those who can do that

All are successful, happy and peaceful

Problems are the part of life

And we are here to solve them…

If we start crying

Or stop holding our tears

We will be pushed back

And living this life would be as a nightmare

What so ever the circumstances are…

You have to face them.

Hiding tears means…

Making one strong and healthy…

Waving off all your anxieties

Behind a smiling face

Means proving yourself that you are happy and pleased.

There are two sides of coins

Sometimes happiness

And sometimes sadness

Some people become unstable when they face difficulties or go through harsh situations…

And some are from those who face them happily….

These situations come across all kinds of people…

But way of living

Spending time is different…

Either you spend cheerfully or…

By weeping….!!!

It depends on you.

So it’s better to utilize it

Hiding tears behind a smiling face…!!!!

Be happy 😊…

Live happy…


Work happily…!!!👱‍♂


Iqra HussainIqra Hussain is 4th year student of Pharm D at Peoples Medical University Shaheed Benazirabad (Nawabshah) Sindh.
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