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Hold Your Horses

Psychology suggests that the hormone responsible for anger in the human body remains active only for 12 minutes. We just have to endure that time

Shuhban Ali Siyal

We cannot understand someone’s pain because understanding someone’s pain is very difficult. Behind a smiling face, there can be a hidden sorrow. Behind the tears of a smiling eye and the calmness in one’s tone, you can realize only if you have experienced those situations once in life. You will only understand someone’s pain when you stand in their shoes.

Only then you will realize that what you thought and the whole world was understanding, was just an illusion.

If people cannot understand someone, don’t exacerbate their sorrow and carry over split milk. Just see what the person in front of you is showing you. Maybe the reality is something you cannot comprehend, or maybe the person in front of you is not showing you at all. Make an effort! The people whom you have to leave behind with your death, should be given some happiness in life. Try to give them some joy.

Like the two sides of a coin, anger and patience are the twin dimensions of human nature shaping our reactions and defining our character. Patience helps to make better decisions, builds resilience, develops a mutual bonds and cooperation, while anger overwhelms into impaired judgment, damages relationships, and increases stress and negativity.

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Once upon a time, a person suggested a boy something during his childhood for which he was grateful until his last breath. He said that whenever you feel angry about something or to someone, don’t respond immediately. Instead wait until the next day to reply. The boy said, “I didn’t understand it at that time, but I kept it in mind. With the passage of time as I grew up, I started implementing it.” He would refrain from immediately responding to something that made him angry and instead leave it for the next day. The next day, he would realize that the matter was very small or trivial and it is too worthless to responding it. It wasn’t even deserving of a reply. Then he understood that person had actually taught him the moment of silence during anger. He remained grateful to person for entire life.

Nowadays, psychology also suggests that the hormone responsible for anger in the human body remains active for only twelve minutes. We just have to endure that time. And if we observe it nowadays, we see that people break significant relationships over no means matters of anger. Therefore, during moments of anger, one should hold his horses and control oneself instead of escalating the situation and resolve it the next day. It’s therefore better to think before saying.


Shuhban Ali Siyal, studies in language and literature at Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Shaheed, Benazirabad (Nawabshah) Sindh


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