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Hospitable Squirrel – Children’s Literature from Uzbekistan

Hospitable Squirrel – Children’s Literature from Uzbekistan

Story of Squirrel who helps a crow who was very hungry, and under the thick layers of snow it was difficult to find food.

[author title=”Gulnoz Tojiboyeva ” image=”https://sindhcourier.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Gulnoz-Tojiboyeva_Uzbekistan-Sindh-Courier.jpg”]Gulnoz Tojiboyeva, a writer, journalist, scriptwriter, movie translator, designer, artist-restorer, was born in 1991. She is a member of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan and a member of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London). Gulnoz got first place in the Republican seminar of young writers of Uzbekistan in the nomination “Children’s Literature” category. In 2009, she won regional and city stages of the Zulfiya State Prize. She also won 1st place of the International Central Asian myths, fairy tales, legends prize for her screenplay ‘Jayhun and Alanga’ in South Korea in 2014. Gulnoz is the author of 6 books and has translated more than 20 movies into the Uzbek language.[/author]


Hospitable Squirrel

A crow, awakened on a frosty morning, sat in a nest built on a birch branch. She was very hungry. But under the thick layers of snow that had been going all night, it was difficult to find berries or seeds. From hunger, the crow could not even croak.

Suddenly her eyes fell on the branches of an oak that grew a little further from the birch. Something dark hung from the branches. Is this an acorn? No, not only acorns, not even a single leaf remained on the branches of the oak, soundly asleep in winter sleep.

The curious crow lazily straightened up and, flapping its wings, flew towards the oak tree.

And only after she sat down on an oak branch, she realized that it was getting dark on it. It was a dried mushroom. The crow bit off a small piece from the edge with its beak. Although the mushroom was dry, it still tasted delicious to the hungry crow. After all, it was food!

— Hey neighbor!

Hearing a voice from below, the crow turned around. The squirrel that lived in the hollow of this old oak tree sat on a branch and wagged its bushy tail.

— What do you want? – Asked crow, not wanting to be distracted from her delicious breakfast.

— Neighbor, eat to your health! — Squirrel spoke magnanimously. — All summer I hung mushrooms on tree branches and dried them, collected various nuts and seeds for the winter. My supplies will be enough for the whole winter to keep my family from starving. If you want, come and visit me, I will treat you with nuts and various seeds. Indeed, in such a harsh winter, only hearty food saves forest animals! And we, neighbors, need to help each other in difficult times!

“Is Squirrel telling the truth or not?” — The crow hesitated for a moment. But hunger won — the desire to eat was so strong that crow agreed to visit squirrel.

CrowThe hospitable squirrel treated her neighbor crow with dried mushrooms, nuts and various seeds. So the crow survived the harsh winter.

Spring has come to the forest. Then summer came. Once, seeing that large porcini mushrooms were lying under the birch, crow remembered the hospitality of her neighbor squirrel.

She gave up her habit of wandering aimlessly in the woods. Now the crow was looking for a place full of mushrooms in the forest, and was in a hurry to tell her neighbor about it. And when autumn came, crow began to help squirrel collect nuts because she learned to respond the good for good.