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Shafkat Aziz Hajam, a poet, based in Kupwara district of Kashmir, shares his two poems.

O Heaven! Free me from this brutish autumn

Shafkat Aziz Hajam

Kashmir-Poet-ShafkatAziz-Hajam-Sindh-CourierA children’s Poet from Kashmir, District Kupwara, Shafkat Aziz is author of “The cuckoo’s voice“. He is also the Media secretary of a Jammu and Kashmir literary organization, “Idarie Tehqeequ Adab” and advisor of Bangladesh based organization, “Glory Future Foundation” for the poor and helpless children. Shafkat Aziz is also working in a private school an English language teacher.


I am not barren

I am not barren,

My fecundity has not dwindled yet,

Enough as before to bring forth blossoms

Of all sorts and I do.

Alas! Frequent invasions of atrocious autumn

Debilitates their vigor to bloom in full,

To show my greatness in their daintiness and redolence,

That would once captivate, from overseas, aves to warble in praise of my nature.

O Heaven! Free me from this brutish autumn,

Can’t endure anymore.

To glitter with my own flair,

Let clement spring reign over me as before.


Know me

I am an ocean that bear all the bitter experiences,

I am a brook that keep flowing forward in spite all hindrances,

I am a candle that burn and melt to light its surroundings,

I am a cuckoo that on seeing summer in everyone’s garden sing,

I am vernal breeze that at dawn wake up flowers,

I am star that until extinction brighten the dark hours.

In all men such traits must be,

In them are the realities of life and humanity.


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