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I said Mami Good Bye! – A Poem from Puerto Rico

I said Mami Good Bye! – A Poem from Puerto Rico

Dr. Jose Luis Lopez, an eminent poet from Puerto Rico, known for its pristine beaches, lush tropical forests, and breathtaking skies, shares his poem

Dr. Jose Luis LopezDr. José Luis López, a renowned poet and writer from Puerto Rico, was born on June 8, 1971. He obtained Associate Degree in Office Automation, and Bachelor Degree from Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, Metropolitan Campus (1998). He is Executive Director/Consulate of Puerto Rico (Latin American Confederation World Writers and Poets); Ambassador of Puerto Rico (Empowerment thru Spoken Word) United States of America; Ambassador of The Heralds of Love and Peace (Bolivia). He was awarded Honorary Doctorate by Creativity and Humanism Forum Morocco and is Ambassador Creativity and Humanism Forum (Morocco); President Royal International Academy of Arts and Literature Puerto Rico (Mexico).
Publication: Participation in 4 anthologies: Poemas Romances y Amor(2007), Entre Voces y Poesía (2022), First Poetic Anthology Dreams of Naked Skin, and Second Poetic Anthology Dreams of Naked Skin (2023)
Twice invited to Luna 9 Radio (FEM International Magazine) New Jersey USA, Radio América Visión (Chile), Entre Amigos (Spain), Radio La Enamorada (Mexico), Ecos Poético (Colombia)
Virtual Magazines: Quillwithspark-India, Letras de Parnaso (Spain), Netrazol Magazine (Portugal), The Panache (India), Entreparentesis (Chile), Royal International Academy of Arts and Literature (14 editions, Mexico), Azahar (Spain), Círculo Literario de Escritores ( Mexico). Loja Grita Arte (Ecuador), Nameless (Mexico), Margin of Light (Bolivia).

I said Mami Good Bye!

Wherever you are, whenever you could be, whatever you might be doing, there’s no escape for the reminder,
She was there!
As only child, no brother nor sister, I lived the tragedy
No one would ever thought nor would want to have to feel ever, lost your mom!
It was like an open diary of every detail we have had felt, experienced and passed like one single family.
Surely mami was sickening, and being dealing alone with her, was hugely devastated, because the right help came at the end of her short life.
I remembered that I asked God: I don’t want to be present when she dies!
And God supported me when I got the news of her decease.
Her death was from natural causes,
Plus she got infection from sepsis and provoked heart failure, addition to pre-diabetic, and digestive condition.
Besides that, I was referred to homecare system to try to let her survive,
But there was no time to keep her life extended.
The tragic information was given to me at a funeral home as we never had insurance for her funerary procedure at all.
I know God was always with me, and she is with Him, endless time.
Yes, I think about her, and I have to let everything where it was, and focus on today and for more to realize.
(Year 2010)


Introduced by Evie Petropoulou, a poetess from Greece



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