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Incense – A Poem from Syria

Incense – A Poem from Syria

Nawar Ahmad al-Shater

Nawar Ahmad al-ShaterBorn in Damascus, Nawar Ahmad al-Shater is Biology Teacher holds the degree of Bachelor of Science in Biology from Damascus University. She is Editor at “Arab Pens” Magazine; children’s literature writer at the Moroccan “Waz” Magazine for kids, published by Waz Institute for culture and sustainable development in Arabic, French, and Amaziegh. She also is the honorary member at “Fanani” Organization in The Balkans and Editor at “The Letter” academic and literary journal, issued by The Letter Institute for Literary Studies at Stardford University; Ambassador in Saudi Arabia at the Indian Cultural House; International representative at the International Center for Pyramid Studies in Egypt; International Peace Ambassador at the Coniba and Etmot Institute in Brazil and Member in Media and Publishing Committee for Peace, London.

Nawar Ahmad al-Shater is co-writer of ‘Women’s Noun of Troy’, ‘The Ontology of Expressive Narration’, ‘Arab Creators…A Thousand Pens’, ‘The Last Call’, ‘The Encyclopedia of Arab Poets’, ‘Blue Anxiety’, and ‘The Arab Now’. 

Her published Works include ‘Cooing of a Heart’, ‘Shining Planet’ and ‘Did My Poetry Reach You?’



The road was killed

Political makeup

No longer works

Or cosmetic surgery

They all failed.

The truth

Got swollen

With black pus

It’s full

Her white veil fell

Today our eyesight is iron

But the hands are very short



Sold in the slave market

As a slave

She was the one who was born


And she was never a prostitute!



Its simplicity is the prayer of the prophets

Its evening is the gateway to heaven

Its fields are rebellious perfumes

It smells of freedom

Her voice is a river of wings

For the minarets of peace

And the bells of love



Spikes of tears,

Braids of sunlight

In the ashes of a dream

Perpetual virginity


Betrayal is their naked body

Except for a torn garment of honor!


The trumpet played

Its heavy melodies

At the table of the last supper


Al-Aqsa Mosque is crying

The Church of the Resurrection groans

Sadness comes in overwhelming torrents

In the homes of Palestine

The stones threaten


The Zionists

In olive groves

They drink victory

They sing psalms



Let the children of Zion rejoice in their kingdom

Go around it, count its towers.

Set your hearts on its foundations

Ask him


Islam slept on our eyelids

The cemeteries swallowed chivalry

Silence is a living coffin

Arabism is crucified in a land

Whose courage was defeated

When will he announce his resurrection,



These are not the dreams of a jasmine bush

Woven by a childish imagination

Palestine is a cause for humanity

Not poetic seasons

But our salty seasons


All wounds, revolt

It’s too late to mourn!

Engrave the red freedom

Break through all the doors.




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